Monday, July 28, 2014

Be Warned

Coralis laughed at the voice’s offer, responding, “I’m sure you would prefer to meet me here stranger, but I’m afraid for now this form of communication will have to suffice.”  Stepping from behind his study desk, Coralis waited for the voice to respond and moved to his study door which stood slightly ajar.  While only sticking his hand out of his doorway, the high priest of Ilúvatiar signaled his young secretary to enter his sanctum.  The secretary, a very young and inexperienced cleric stumbled in, quill and ink in hand.  Coralis shook his head at the sight of scribes tools and handed the young priest two scrolls, telling him to bring tea when he finished delivering his missives. Truth to tell, the messages were busy work, meant more to keep listening ears and lively imaginations from listening to his magical conversation with some unknown man's voice.
The voice returned and despite expecting it, the elf could not help but be slightly startled, “I am speaking to you from an ocean away hoping to alert you to your great danger.  I’m sure my words sound extreme, even ridiculous, but you must understand, these scale bloods are very powerful.”  Coralis was anxious to keep the voice talking, his divine magic ready to detect any lies that were spoken.
“I am certainly willing to hear your warning, but any actions would be tempered by reason; a stranger’s warning? Or a voice manipulating me to it’s own ends.  Why should you care so much for a people so far from your own? I have asked you before not to speak riddles and you won’t even tell me your name while you already know mine.” The elf retreated to his well worn argument hoping the anxious tone he detected in the man's voice would entice this stranger to reveal more information.
The voice ignored Coralis’ argument, asking, “Since you are still talking, I assume you have confirmed your inability to scry on the spawn? I don’t think you understand what you are dealing with.  These are not the soulless devil spawn your people have hunted, these creatures were MADE. The closest thing to family they have is a death dealing Drow mercenary king who supervised their hatching and training.  These four strike with alacrity while having many defenses and immunities. I am a master of Divination and I warn you dark times are coming for your people.”

With those words the voice was gone. Coralis had learned a lot more this time and worse, not once had the voice lied to him.  The elven high priest sighed, realizing not only would he need to speak to Voluntatis’ dragon disciple Misoak he would need to visit the moon pool and commune with the fey. 


Ilúvatiar, Father of Elves

Source Rappan Athuk Copyright 2012 Bill Webb, Frog God Games

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Domains: Plant, Animal, Magic, War

Symbol: A bow and sword hanging from the eternal oak

Garb: Shades of grey, green, hazel, chestnut and sable

Favored Weapons: Longbow & Longsword

Form of Worship and Holidays: Eve of every mid month during the summer

Typical Worshipers: High elves & wood elves, warriors, wizards and rangers of the elven race.

The father of all elves and firstborn of the race, Ilúvatiar is portrayed as a handsome elven man draped in a cloak of forest leaves. His skin may appear as gleaming white as birch bark, or any of the varying shades of brown and green found in primeval woodlands. Ilúvatiar has keen golden eyes like those of an owl. His sword and bow are said to never miss a target and slay those of evil intent instantly.

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Jaren can't help but wonder if he can make a FOLDING BOAT out of one of those ears, and maybe 1/2 a set of magic slippers?