Thursday, July 17, 2014

Review 07/16/14

On our second night in Stormhaven Mother spoke to us in the language of creation, negating our magic items and causing us to oversleep by ten hours. Avericia's truespeech that was as natural to her true dragon linage as it was to flying. During our sleep we were visited with similar preternatural dreams that carried with it the sensation of flight over a land of milk and honey. Golden fields of farmland and natural riches; it was a greed nirvana, when all of a sudden Voluntatis the bronze dragon gathers himself and envelops us in our dreams. 

3 am Tuesday. Exchanging information we agree that mother had sent us the dream. Jaren discovers that magic items native to stormhaven may not function the same way elsewhere. Waking up hungry we ascend to the Cinder Block to satisfy our need to eat when we hear a series of explosions outside. Racing to see who or what was causing the devastation, we observe an epic battle above the Black Crown. We each in turn feel an inner tear at our beings, like fear given shape was trying to burst from our souls and that the only way to survive was to teleport away...

Snatched from our magical travels Avericia utters a few words and worlds turn as her speech alters reality. "You disrespect what you do not FEAR." She proclaimed. It was our dragon nature's that saved us from destruction at her furious regard. With our legacy items dangling like carrots above our heads, much of our personal hoard was altered or sacrificed to Tiamat; we in many ways was naked against her wrath. The last thing we see before waking somewhere else was one of Avericia's talons fast descending upon us. 

After an unknown amount of time we wake to the exquisite burning pain of Avericia's mark and constitution damage. The landscape is much as the dream was but without the vibrance of the minds eye. We could see rolling hills, worked farms, and a nearby community. We were a stark contrast to the horn of plenty goodlands; but land was more than different, the people were different as well. Giving off a different scent, celestial individuals also populated the area. 

Anger and hunger filled Versel,Durg, Auge who descended on fishermen and the fishes in the waters to sate their rage. After making preparations and performing a little inventory of our reduced hoards we decide to investigate the community known as River Wheel Falls. 

Upon a phantom chariot we observe a realm of virtuous influence. Great mechanical waterwheels operate a vast dam that controls the water flow of the two rivers and creeks that converge on a picturesque waterfall, where the city has prospered. River Wheel Falls looks to be a community with out monetary commerce, is rich in resources, and also heavily guards the city's mechanical wonders. 

Under the cloak of invisibility we keep to the perimeter we observe a racial mix in the population including elves and celestials. Inter mixed throughout were also several churches, temples or shrines of various goodly deities and faiths. River Wheel Falls was a pristine city and not the rats nest of Stormhaven. 

Agreeing that the waterfall and the domed valley should be our first site for investigating we trigger an alarm among the elven guards. Nevertheless Jaren magically transports us inside the dome, one hundred feet in and trapped in the webbing that formed the dome over the valley. Spiders of various sizes blanketed the underside of the valley dome at the end of which was an ominous stone structure. 

As we each freed ourselves an elven sorcerer and an elven monk (celestial dragon disciples of the Bronze dragon) respond on huge elephant-sized spiders. Battle was had, killing one of the spider mounts as well as the sorcerer (Masterwork spear, masterwork Lt. crossbow w/ 20 bolts, Potion of Flying, Headband of alluring charisma +4, Ring of protection +2, 141 pp, and a 'good' bronze scaled amulet of Natural armor +2.)

We pick up next session with our movement to the ominous stone structure. 


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