Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Postscript Van Fleet Fallout

Youvalan stood alone in a small antechamber of the prism letting his metabolism accept the drugs, feeling his exhaustion drain away to be replaced by a sudden energy and vigor.  Normally, these alcoves were utilized as a staging area for those were being granted access to the prism, this day however, the thirteen wizards trapped inside agreed to utilize these private spaces for periods of rest and respite.  The other twelve wizards did not realize that Youvalan had already known which antechamber he would end up in and for how long, preparing his chamber with several portable holes which safely contained his preparations.  Youvalan’s divination magic had grown to such strength that when all twelve wizards arrived he felt certain as to the outcome of the activities inside the Prism. It was outside the Prism that concerned the diviner this afternoon.  While the others thought he was resting, the diviner decided that it would be safer to scry upon his enemies followers, rather than risk drawing the attention of Tiamat’s progeny.  Youvalan cast his spell of calling upon The Caster’s Mirror and waited for a spirit or element to answer.  

Slowly Youvalan’s reflection disappeared from the mirror, flames filling the mirror to its frame. The crackling sounds of fire eventually becoming echoing words, “Your debt is paid, ours is owed”.   Smiling the wizard replied, “Reveal the Troll in Plate Armor!” and the image in the mirror changed again…

Last weeks review:
The Cinder Block battalion had fought the battle of Van Fleet Manor well into the afternoon, with the battle spilling over into several other noble estate grounds.  Finally Hislop called for all troops to gather back at the grounds house, a warehouse of sorts located in between several noble estates and close to Fox Run.  Normally the grounds house was used by the various garden staff of the noble estates as well as rangers who worked the Fox Run hunting grounds for cleaning and prepping of kills. This afternoon it was being used by Hislop to call his troops into order and see what he had left to work with while assessing current threats.  After some whining from the injured Hislop was reminded again of the need for healing.  Indira reminded the troll that the bosses had an excellent relationship with the Church of Sun and Sky and word was soon sent requesting their aid.  Many of the battalion had returned, the initial savagery of combat replaced by confusion towards the end, as combatants grew unsure of the true identities of those being fought inside Van Fleet Manor.  

When the priests from the temple arrived, three other more obvious outsiders entered the grounds house.  Harpel, Davil, and Elenore, three black crown wizards who a few hours before had answered the alarm at Van Fleet Manor and fought against the battalion.  The group approached Hislop and presented him with a copy of the contract they had answered and expressed a desire for peace as well as some assistance. The Black Crown was in a state of lock down and the wizards could not enter the obsidian tower. The trio feared a state of civil war was erupting between Black Crown members and wanted the group to present Jaren with the copy of the contract as well as to do their best to report in to an officer of the Black Crown. The trio had exhausted their arcana in the battle and were worried about a problem that had arisen from it hours before.  A group of darker wizards were using the battle to gather darker forces from portals inside the manor.  These wizards, led by “the zombie king” had taken a group of diabolical winged minotaur, undead, and ettin into Fox Run to run raids on several noble houses and nearby businesses.  Without any spells to stop their renegade brethren, Harpel, Davil, and Elenore called upon Hislop to deal with situation….

Hislop, guided by Indira, decided to lead a small team into hunting grounds to deal with the insurrection.  Hislop and Indira were joined by the Tiefling flail fighter Breaker, the Ifrit sorceress Firi, along with the Dock Master Vormite. Upon entering Fox Run they were soon set upon by a Lizardman Ranger, an Assassin who attempted to strike down Vercel, The Zombie King and several unique undead, three ettin’s and a Salamander.  The battle was short, less than a minute before the surviving enemy retreated after an Ettin was killed and the other two blinded.  The Zombie King’s minions were destroyed but the necromancer escaped the parties justice. Following their enemies trail the group ran into the devil Minotaur the trio of wizards had warned them of….

Youvalan sighed as the images in the flame disappeared, the sensation and rush of his magic ending always momentarily depressing, although the images this time provided their own sadness.  Clearly he had a new problem because Elenore was Profen Rostagaire’s sister.


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great review thanks. it will be helpful to have something on the blog to look up for our eventual question. one note; the sorceress is an ifrit, not an efreeti.

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Thank you, correction made.

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Good review mix with npc flavor

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