Thursday, July 31, 2014

Review 07/30/2014

The plan: Scry on Voluntatis, teleport to his location and promptly overwhelm him with our red fury; however, the divination failed. Spelled up and ready for bronze dragon blood Jaren teleported to the Waterworks as seen in a previous Legend Lore. Appearing in a complex of tubes, pipes, and tanks we first notice the extreme cold temperature and an obscuring fog that permeated the Waterworks; furthermore we arrived somewhat scattered 10'-15' in different locations by a truename effect. 

Combat began with Sorosh controlling winds to dispatch the cold fog allowing us to see. Jaren, spotting an elf, targets her with a orb of force. Auge hides and begins to look for Voluntatis. Misoak attempts to feeblemind Jaren. Versel, momentarily trapped in a icy-cold tank, strikes the tank wall with a 'feeler punch' to gauge the integrity of his prison. After assessing the effect Versel lets the rest of his attacks off the leash creating a hole. Voluntatis suppresses our auras, some of us are shaken for various durations. Auge spots the bronze dragon and relays the information. The hunter does stuff. The celestial targets Auge with a spell that causes Dexterity damage and caused Auge to be staggered on top of being shaken. ER, the elf Jaren targeted, imbibes a potion and snakes down to a lower ledge. Durg introduces the Waterworks to his little friend, the earth-breaker hammer. 

Sorosh's winds continue to benefit our visual perceptions as he takes aim at Voluntatis. Jaren confirms a critical hit against the bronze dragon with a maximized orb of force (186 pts of damage!). Auge staggered, moved to Durg to give himself time to remove his conditions. Misoak targets Jaren with a cone of acid as her faerie dragon familiar gives her a potion. Versel drinks a potion of invisibility and uses his dimension door ability to be 50' up and out of the cold tank. Voluntatis resets his initiative. The hunter focuses his arrow attacks on Jaren. The celestial successfully enfeebles Durg. ER does stuff. Durg the enfeebled moves to attack the Hunter. 

Voluntatis dimension doors away, later discovered to be in one of the four central tanks. Jaren sends a orb of force at Misoak and Sorosh devotes his entire array of attacks on Misoak. Auge overcomes being staggered and prepares bombs when a critical failure causes him to take the force damage from his own alchemists bombs. Misoak- the acid terror- attacks Sorosh and Jaren with a cone of acid. The effect brings Jaren close to death but the expenditure of a luck point saves him. Versel 'the cleaner' flys about, finds Misoak, and kills her. The hunter attacks Durg and the celestial does stuff. ER blows a horn creating a prayer effect for the good guys, -1's for the rest of us boo. Durg attacks the hunter for a shit-ton. 

Voluntatis successfully suppresses Jaren's supernatural abilities with a truename effect. Sorosh attacks the hunter with his usual cluster attacks. Jaren kills the hunter with a orb of force. Auge moves to hide (nat 20) and reads heal from a scroll. Versel notices two more ER opponents and flys over to attack- solitary warrior style. ERb attacks Versel, fail and ERc also fails against Versel with ranged attacks. The celestial critically fumbles an attack against Auge with a spectral hand ending the spectral hand spell and negating the attack. The first ER sends arrow attacks toward Versel. Durg the unheedful moves up to the celestial to attack and receives a back lash from the celestial's aura.  

Voluntatis fills the enture Waterworks with a modified breath weapon as a force effect. Sorosh attacks ERb with an orb of force. Jaren casts True seeing in order to spot the bronze dragon locating him in one of the large central water tanks. Auge hidden waits for Voluntatis to show himself to target him with a dimensional anchor spell. Versel vs. the ER's killing bravo causing ERc to withdraw from combat. The celestial speaks a holy word and everyone except Versel takes 26 points of damage and are blinded for 3 rounds. ER does stuff. Durg moves using his scent to Auge who removes his blindness with an extract resetting his initiative to last. 

Voluntatis utters a guttural bark as a sonic energy effect toward Versel. Jaren casts limited wish to duplicate a remove blindness... removing his blindness. Sorosh blinded heals himself. Versel moves to the celestial keeping him in lunge range. All ERs fled the combat. The celestial and arcane thief steals Versel's stoneskin. Durg moves to put the celestial in flank with Versel. Auge removes his own blindness effect with an extract. 

Voluntatis targets Jaren with a cold ice strike as well as a flesh to stone effect. Jaren disintegrates a 13' hold in the top of Voluntatis' water tank hiding place. Sorosh, still blind heals himself. Versel lets the dogs out with full attacks on the celestial. The celestial, faced with a do or die casts scorching cold ray on both Durg and Versel. Durg moves in with his pipe-breaker hammer on the celestial for full attacks. Auge spots Voluntatis and targets him with a dimensional anchor but fails to overcome the bronze dragon's spell resistance. 

We begin next session at the top of the 8th round of combat which is the last round of blindness for Sorosh. RIP Misoak, the Hunter, and ERb F you in the P. 


Gordzilla said...

Great picture and review :)

harrygoblin said...

The round by round count Is particularly sweet James. Great notes!