Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Auge Journal: Return to Stormhaven

Auge sat in the fiery glow of the distant fire light, his brothers and he lost in the grip of their sinful course. Often during times such as these Auge’s greed manifested in withholding some sort of magic treasure from his brothers, but in the hours after the battle for the dwarven treasure hunter Ague added all the treasure retrieved including magic from the drowned dwarf. He would not- could not- exclude himself from hoard building. No, but Auge was not convinced that the treasure here- including Durg’s new ring- would measure in value against the magnificent barrels purchased from Capsarius Narrishta, a merchant drow from Darkell. The value for the components alone is sizable alone but the extreme value Auge held in regard for the barrels outweighed anything he or his dragon brethren would find in the salty mists.

Auge now could scarcely wait for a return to Stormhaven. In his mind a warm sensation of new gold caressing him in its gilded embrace, the thought caused his scarred crimson scales to ripple in sensation. The warm feeling awoke him from his thoughts in time to make his selection of the treasure, after which Auge tactfully makes mention of the return to Stormhaven. It was Jaren who pipped up first with Durg remaining silent and Versel replying with his choose to remain at the dark continent.

Securing the new magical bobble away Auge then produced his tome of formulae and began to set ink to page with notes for his next creation. He begins with scaling the dimensions of one of the barrels, its weight, and displacement. Auge then began to compare its weight and size etc. against other similar wooden constructions: he sales in detail a row boat, common in Stormhaven as well as watertight; a chariot, although more complex in its construction; and the dimensions of the gaming table he and his brothers knew at the Dragon’s Nest, similar to the barrels with its many cubbies, compartments, and drawers. On the opposite page Auge began to list magics and components consistent with extra dimensional spaces, conjuring, and transmutation; things Auge would need help with. Auge’s vision was to create a wondrous item from the impressive barrels allowing him to transport exotic components from Darkell and other rarities from Nimbus to Stormhaven for profit and to be able to transport it on his own so not to burden his brothers of resources.

Auge knew there would be fallout from their victory at the VanFleets, and likely some delegation to be had but as Auge’s greed surged in intensity; he thought again of how he could scarcely wait for the return to Stormhaven

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