Monday, July 14, 2014

Review 07/12/2014

We began our Sunday in Stormhaven with a visit to Cadmar Embry who was busy these days with
maintaining a semblance of organization with juggling trade ships coming to port.

Stating first Adalwin Joscelin's plan for the Black Crown and the Spellguard, and our stance for Stormhaven's continued prosperity. (referred to in review as #stormhavenfirst) Cadmar balks and the change of the status quo, and that it stands against the laws. He weighs our words and sides with our logic for the immediate future and agrees to maintain and protect everything we have worked to obtain thus far. 

News from around the city reaches us and we learn Greystone Manor is under-attack by the Spellguard. This news prompts the evacuation of the Naval yard until the current crisis ends. Cadmar shares information he received through the shipmoot, two fleets of ships are approaching Stormhaven from flanking positions. The first, a sizeable fleet about a month out and the second, a smaller fleet about two to three weeks out. None know their intentions and they fly no colors. He is looking into sending scout ships to know their disposition. 

Our meeting then shifted with Cadmar in hopes of organizing a trade armada of ships. Jaren explains that the armada will venture to the docks at Nimbus pick up cargo and come back to Stormhaven. After some discussion as to how many ships and what we were willing to spend and how long such a venture would take, Cadmar suggests ten ship proposal captained by ten of his family. We offer 250,000 towards the venture. In the end it would be 30 ship armada with half leaving in two weeks and the remainder two weeks after that. Out of these funds 50k would go to the purchase of gunpowder (25k), and toward the commission of more trade ships at the shipmoot.  
Our next meeting was with Samson Dragonsbane where we divulge Adalwin's plan and #stormhavenfirst. His reluctant acquiesce was noted as he asked for and was promised a greater teleport scroll. 

Next we came to request 2000 soldiers to accompany our armada to Nimbus and there reinforce our contingent already there. Samson offers 500 to start and 500 for purchase plus information regarding an ogre island stop along the way. At the end of our negations Samson would send three ships, a larger lead/nav and two smaller scouts, and 1000 soldiers. 

Pleased as punch the four of us return to the Cinder Block or our noon appointments. 

Meeting in the bar under the magical lanterns Auge meets with Pilinni, WS, Hogni, Spade, Farley, Kiton, Gerto, Claret and Larratia Pauchard. Each individual was given Potions of CLW, invisibility, and heroism as well as a liquid blade and two poisons; an inhaled version of discorida and vampires kiss. The purpose of the meeting was to begin a business venture of logistics to deliver goods up from the lifts to market or infiltrate existing distribution networks within the year. Trusting in the input of others Claret suggests soil to bring back to Stormhaven, this earns her a raise and a new title. 

The second meeting, this time in Jaren's office, was with Harpel, Davil and Elenore. Jaren explained Adalwin's plan as we understand it as well as informing them of #stormhavenfirst. The were surprised and somewhat grateful to learn Jaren had told Adalwin of them. but they seemed at a loss. It was Versal who suggested that should they choose, they could accompany the armada to Nimbus. They agrees and promised to discreetly put the word out that there's room for a wizard on every ship. 

Later that Sunday afternoon we fly to Nissian's Embassy to discover four individuals among the daily activity intently watching the Embassy. Bringing the fight to them we find all four have aberrations attached to their brain and spinal column, creatures of the aboleth. After killing one of the crab-like creatures the remaining killed their hosts in gruesome fashion and shifted away. 

In the Embassy we feel another strangeness in the building before going to the message book and inquiring about Adalwin's name appearing in the book. Our father's answer was very revealing to our questions. The correspondence was between himself and Iosif Olympiodoros a Half Dragon, devil blooded, male. Adalwin seeks to fulfill a debt and his rewards await in Hell. He is a servant of Moloch who is a leiutenant of Baalzebul, Moloch rules the 6th layer of Hell for Baalzebul who rules the 7th layer of hell. Adalwin hopes to deliver Stormhaven to Moloch who while not adversarial to Tiamat he does hold enmity for her station. 

Back to our Lair to commune with Mother regarding the state of Stormhaven affairs and #stormhavenfirst. Even a ring of evasion was not enough to dam the overflow of exasperation and her disappointment in us. Hissing at the name of Moloch she tells us that Adalwin cannot be trusted and that Moloch's weapon is the 'Kracken's Bite who reaches below the waves of Stormhaven.' Further inquires into a plan of action lead to the subject of Tiamat's temple and that we would need her direct intervention to stand against the servant of Moloch. Jaren gifts mother with a ring of spell knowledge 4 in hopes of more spells from her library. She agrees but with a request- we may each search her hoard and leave with one item, and in return we are to destroy the celestial-pacted bronze dragon Voluntatis and bring its hoard to her.

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