Monday, July 21, 2014

Ahoy! Sea Wizard Spells

In their marathon session the four wizards were able to transcribe all of the spells in the three spell books among the black crown items they intended to return. They each wrote different spells, figuring they had time to trade off and complete their books before their ships sailed. They figured to easily have enough time to write four of the wizard sailor books. Since they were to meant to be ship books, they all started with large books (150 pgs) that are treated to be water resistant and considered masterwork books. The following spells are what were copied, and appear in each of the finished books. Each book has a number of other spells as well, varying from each to another. These spells can all be found on the SRD.
1- air bubble, obscuring mist,hydraulic push, alter winds, jury rig, touch of the sea
2- commune with birds, gust of wind, gusting sphere, shatter, aboleths lung, communal ant haul, buoyancy, levitate, spider climb, whispering wind
3- cloak of winds, aqueous orb, clairaudience/ voyance, battering blast, hydraulic torrent, wind wall, communal dark vision, shrink item, lightning bolt, water breathing
4- black tentacles, solid fog, charm monster, ball lightning, river of wind, communal tongues, wall of ice, elemental body I, ride the waves
5- unseen crew, hold monster, lightning arc, elemental bodyII

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