Thursday, July 3, 2014

Review 07/02/2014

After gathering and splitting up the treasure it was time to peruse the papers and anything else of worth. It would seem this dwarven ship was hunting dwarven pirates referred to as 'smoke skins' as we gather maps of the north eastern shores where we also find the dwarven paladin's prayer/rune book. Investigation of the ship shows how divine elemental magic infused the wood frame of the ship and its use of arches are used in weight distribution. Finally before teleporting back to spraggle tower we recover all eight cannons from the ship and a barrel (32 shots) of gunpowder. 

After resting for a few hours Jaren, Sorosh, and Auge teleport back to Stormhaven leaving Durg and Versel on the continent. 

At Spraggle tower Versel hits it off with Hroogar Uzzi the spriggan we came to meet. After building a rapport Versel learns that Hroogar taught a father/son pair of storm giants who are members of the hoard-building giants Erilis asked us to intervene and retrieve blocks of starmetal for his Nimbus alter. Hroogar was their captive for some years before he escaped and built up these training grounds as his legacy and protection from his former captors. Hroogar killed the Warlord's first wife and was later experimented on by the giant's second wife. These two storm giants were the finest Hroogar had ever taught; they were also masters of the weather and specialized in javelins that could easily pierce the jungle canopy; he is believed to have 5000 giants in his warband. 

Meanwhile Durg decides to venture out with a band of minotaur rangers to better understand the flora and fauna of the jungle. The ranging was cut short by an elf who seemed responsible for killing all of the minotaurs. 

Back in Stormhaven Jaren and Auge find the city in the midst of wizard warfare but our return to town was with purpose so we held to our actions before anything else. Teleporting to Nissian's embassy we discover in the journey book that someone else has been communicating with father as evidenced by the mention of 'Adalwin Joscelin' as the last entry. Nevertheless we communicate our desire with father to utilize his magnificent mansion to craft some items in a timely fashion. He granted our request but it came at a cost... there are some items left behind in mother's hoard after their fallout and having them back would satisfy this favor. 

Entering the mansion a curse falls on the sons but only half succumb to its effects. While the effect was ultimately overcome it came with wisdom damage and the ire of a bearded devil, his brand then eventually the devil's appearance. 

After crafting Auge and Jaren emerge to Stormhaven two days later to find raptorians and wizard battles creating a mired sky of magic and colors. Dwarves tried as they might regain order and control. 

Nefertiti eventually made contact with Jaren to asertain his motives and to inform us of her and Adalwin's fallout and the attempted murder on her life. Jaren affirms their relationship and she proceeds to inform us that it was Adalwin's wizard supporters that were causing the general chaos and looting as well as his pact with a devil. She has doubts at the survivability of the Black Crown. 

Her time was short but Jaren assuaged her concerns and plans for making contact with Adalwin were already in motion. (Meanwhile Auge is freed from the curse and the danger of a truename reveal; Durg wsa still under effects). We learn that watermark magic was 'changed' for a time when were were in the magnificent mansion. 

Teleporting to the Dragon Docks, Jaren and Auge make contact with Vormite, Hisslop, and the Breaker who relay their dealings. Noting that the Navy and the Dragon Docks have been at least keeping their own safe there was no trade occurring during a wizard civil war. 

Teleporting to the Cinder Block Auge meets with Hogni Bluesafe who informs him Pilini was gone and the White Spider was on the downlow and Jaren is met by Indira, Harpel, Davil, and Elenore- Black Crown wizards who support the Office of Draconic Affairs. 

Each of the BC wizards describe the unease throughout the city as well as the protections both magical and physical the Black Crown Tower has undergone forbidding entrance, therefore any and all Black Crown items have been brought together for Jaren's office. 

Teleporting back to the continent Durg utilized his limited wish to escape the curse and the appearance of the bearded devil. United again we all travel to Stormhaven and appear in the air 200' above the Black Crown. 

Attracting the attention of twelve mage-guards they hailed us. Jaren requests an audience with Adalwin in the name of his office and SONS COM. Agreeing to only seeing Jaren we parley a meeting at the Dragon's Breath. 

At the Dragon's Breath we encounter a very strange Atava who services us with cigars, and other purchases was with a detached countenance. Auge finds stuffed in his chair a message from WS that Pilini was on a ship, the Waterhawk. 

Eventually the Keeper of the Night Adalwin Joscelin enters, "We have achieved a lot of success." 


harrygoblin said...

Great review, but two questions/points. I think the storm giant son was referred to as the finest javelin thrower he had ever taught, not necessarily the finest warriors he had ever trained. Second, the watermarks hadn't been working correctly since the tower raised defenses the day of the van fleet manor offensive. When we entered the embassy, or very nearly at the same time, watermarks started functioning correctly again, and stayed so .

Gordzilla said...

Correct the son was described as the finest javelin thrower he had Hroogar had ever taught and the timing of the watermarks malfunctions.

Also regarding the BC wizards Indira Harpel, Davil, and Elenore, the statement any and all black crown items were brought is clarified to be any Black Crown items recovered by those specific wizards. The way its worded now sounds like they brought the magic farm to the Cinder Block! LOL