Thursday, June 26, 2014

Review 6/25/2014

While assessing the dwarven Ironclad and dual construct threat, they suddenly appear on the human ship Diem and us are on...

It was 'Jawbreaker' a dwarf accompanied by a medium sized faceless clockwork constrcut with a crystal wand protruding from its chest and a twenty-five foot tall clockwork bronze giant construct. The battle was quick and brutal during which Diem headed for the Ironclad while Versel and Durg destroyed the constructs, Auge killed Jawbreaker under water, and Jaren also eventually leaves for the Ironclad ahead of us to disintegrate a hole in the ironclad and prepared for a bigger battle. 

Leaving "The Sinker" behind Auge, Durg and Versel catch up with Jaren to watch several pissed off Volcano dwarfs in battle with groups of bone devils. Our main concern quickly shifted to clockwork mages, the faceless/crystal wand constructs, Ker Zod a dwarven paladin, a gargantuan clockwork cannon four-armed construct, and the ship sentential- the mermaid bow spirit; while Diem pursued the dwarven Treasure Hunter below deck. 

Versel, Jaren, and Sorosh each defeat the clockwork mages while Auge and Durg neutralize the ship sentential. The gargantuan construct begins to slam and fire about as the dwarves begin to get the upper hand on the devils. Below deck explosions rock the prow. 

Jaren, Versel, Auge, and Sorosh turn their attention to the Paladin who falls to one knee before a word of recall rescues him away causing the gargantuan construct to deconstruct. 

Dwarves and devils battle below deck where we discover Diem flying out of the breach in the ironclad hull with the head of the Treasure Hunter as two unique devils collect the fallen dwarven souls. These two devils were mortals who are contracted with Diem and who have achieved their status through diabolical deeds to circumvent the trials of Hell to become unique devils. 

Viotis, which in truespeech translates to "To obtain one's wishes." and
Peropatato, which translates to "Just as ones would wish." 

We pick up next week with some brotherly hoard building (Rob, Butch, James, Russ).

Treasure collected from Jawbreaker...
+2 Buckler
+2 Earthbreaker hammer
+2 Composite short bow (+4 str)
Boots of Striding and Springing
+1 Cloak of Resistance
+1 Ring of Protection
+2 Dwarven Plate (Recovered on the Ironclad) 
and 219 gold pieces Auge claims to have found. 


Gordzilla said...

I edited out the word "Golem" from this review. A golem is a type of construct but not all constructs are golems. None of the clockwork creatures were golems. Golems have more immunities than a standard construct. Nice review and pics:)

James Caruso said...

Great no problem