Thursday, July 10, 2014

Review 7/9/2014

Saturday night at the Dragon's Breath we are visited by the Keeper of the Night Adalwin Joscelin- although he is not really present only communicating mentally with us from afar; us as well as others it would seem. 

He begins with lamentations of the lack of vision, leadership, and direction Stormhaven has despite the current form of government. Adalwin admits to needing Jaren for his connections in Twilight House (and it's portal) as well as our connection with Nissian, who could shut down watermarks if he so chooses. Speaking frankly Adalwin came to reaffirm his relationship with us in his new vision of remaking the seat of Government a mageocracy- the Black Crown as it once was is no more. 

This revelation was met differently by all the sons of Nissian, but it was finally agreed that for now we would not directly oppose Joscelin; standing neutral even as he revealed his plans for eliminating Nefertiti Xanthippe from the playing board. 

Adalwin reiterated our placement in his plans (our control of the Driftdowns, Lifts, Navy and Guild influence) and his potential aid against the aboleth (items, scrolls, as well as the peace of mind that our interests in Stormhaven would be well guarded), but it was mostly what we had already attained or would in short time on the upside. He even had the audacity to make us kings of the Driftdowns. (although on a side note... I do think Durg would make a fantastic Internal Affairs Officer)

Our message at this time was get the money flowing again and it would go along way in retaining our favor. But before the conversation was ended we hear some chatter from other communications: "yes the dwarves" exasperated. "A.R.K.I.E.L." as if someone needs it spelled out. and "the Water Hawk" a ship Pilinni and Katarina are on. 

Deciding it is best to inform Arkiel of our discoveries we immediately fly to Twilight House were we discover a well organized dissemination of men and troops; 100 troll blooded knolls and ogres as well as half ogres providing general security. We are quickly recognized and brought into the former mess hall, now Arkiel's command center. 

Pleased to see us he informs us of his exploits of retasking many guild members in his charge and contracting them out to nobles across as well as to Joscelin on the upside. Kalaris too contracted the Winter Blade to Twilight House during this time of crisis. Furthermore as he gifts is each with a 20k master work platinum torc (+2 to CL of item when enchanted) he informs us that Twilight House still holds the portal under the warehouse. We thank him for the spoils but we come with troubling news. Joscelin spoke of Arkiel specifically and he knows of the portal. 

He expresses concern so we in-turn retell our adventures as well as details of our visit to Darkell- Arkiel's homeland. While it has been long since his days in the city he tells of two colleagues from his days as a smuggler: Garicell, a deep gnome who lives below the city, and Ava a Drow female conjurer. Versel and Auge catch up with Kalaris and she is rewarded with a +1 flaming burst longsword which she takes reverently, a ring of protection +3, and a healing belt. 

It was then time to investigate the planar marketplace portal. Arriving we find troops in the ending moments of battle and a mind flayer corpse. Traveling through the portal under the warehouse it was a roll till you lose fest but in the end upon return to Stormhaven Jaren was able to learn through his Legend Lore an approximate location for a portal to Darkell as well as glances into other portals noticing the symbols and glyphs that describe portal destinations some with more than one.  

Despite Durg and Auge's 'nothing to roll dice about' lethargy we next go to Sunbow mansion where we are richly received by Vinco who pays us profits straight from their vault. 50k resolved itself to 48k (10k each with 8k for Arkiel), it was yet another mile stone in Jaren's perfect day. Auge mixes out 5 cure serious and a cure disease potions for the Mansion. 

After Sunbow we return to the Cinder Block where Jaren scrys to find out what Pilinni has been up to on the Waterhawk; Auge begins to mix poisons for retail and contacts his LC members for a meeting tomorrow; Durg and Versel discuss future plans for visiting the Driftdowns and the Red Keep tomorrow; and Jaren meets with Nefertiti Xanthippe his Black Crown sponsor. 

Speaking with respect to his sponsor Jaren explains his position regarding Adalwin's plans even his plot to kill her. Taking the warning in stride Neferitit offers words of caution that Adalwin has the ability to drain others of their power, she fears for wizards he would draw from. Our plans are inconsequential to 'whoever Joscelin serves', she warns; he has suffered 100 years incarcerated in hell and that one does not simply do that without aid. 

We pick up Sunday morning. 

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