Sunday, July 20, 2014

Indira's Dilemnas

     Tuesday morning brought with it an air of fate. It was another of the type of days that was filled with omens and portends of fates decided and destinies revealed. She was hardly surprised that the combat that had consumed The Upside all of the past week now seemed to culminate in a ferocious war in the skies about the Black Crown tower. The three wizards with Indira were secretly glad they had aligned with her and Lord Jeren, as it probably saved them from having to pick a side in this war today, the war for the moral codex of the Black Crown and the war to establish rule by wizardly might in all of Stormhaven.
     Since the Van Fleet Offensive, Indira had proven herself on every occasion that had presented itself. Her confidence had grown along with arcane secrets her mind was able to command. In Jeren's absence she had risen to the occasion of leading his interests with an eye to maintaining the magical energy needed to keep the Brothers' interests operating smoothly. She by now felt very lucky to have been in Sarosh's apartments the morning of the attacks. It kept her from having been trapped in the tower, and directly led to her week of action that had given her the experience necessary to attain her new levels of mastery.
    The past two and half days had almost been a relief, a chance to rest and catch a breath, and a chance to reflect and learn from what she had seen and collected. When she was instructed to assist Harpell, Deville, and Elenor collect sea spells, she knew the books in the small "Black Crown war chest" would be their answer. The four of them retreated to Lord Jeren's Cinder Block office, just a little way up the same alley that led to Lord Auge's shop. Bent to their tasks, they each started with new spell books and copied the most helpful spells for a sea going wizard to help and defend a ship. Of the past fifty five hours, they had each transcribed spells for thirty five, knowing that the small hoard would be returned on that day.
     Her stomach turned as the morning light revealed the raging war above. In impending cloud seemed to coalesce around the Cinder Block, and suddenly the air was filled with fear. She looked quickly over both of her shoulders as she heard her masters name whispered from all directions at once. She felt a magical rift, something she would later decide was a divine equivalent of wish magic.  She knew at that moment , however, that her master was once again absent from Stormhaven.

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