Friday, January 18, 2013

Soul Searching

Kagon was born to Ruesha Andri and an elven hero called the Wild Shadow. Ruesha’s family was not wealthy, but what she lacked in coin Ruesha made up for in beauty and kindness. Raised in the opulent streets of Neverwinter she met the Wild Shadow, a swashbuckling elf who hunted pirates and evil sea dragons along the Sword Coast. 

Fifty-six years later Kagon-Andri has honed his ranger skills to perfection balancing human practicality with elven superiority with the longbow. A weapon given to him by Sai Riverwind: the Emerald Arrow.


Tunlactun was raised in the ways and tenants of Helm, the god of guardians. He is a fierce, pious man who is not afraid of any type of battle weather by blade or by debate; until the Time of Troubles. It was during that long fateful night when Tunlactun’s faith was shaken because on that night the gods fought and despite his greatest efforts to protect the people of Neverwinter- hundreds died as Bane and Tyr battled for over two full days.

Months later and for the first time since the godsfall, a call to action swelled the conviction in what he holds dear- the protection of a group of souls from Waterdeep with far greater aspirations.


Chief Ruga Alaric is a powerful leader of the Black Lion Uthgardt barbarian clan; a tribe that has either left the lands of the North or have been entirely killed.  Nevertheless the Black Lion tribesmen have eluded discovery by Chief Ruga for many seasons. Strength is a respected attribute among barbarians across the seven realms, but the Black Lion clans also valued the strength of will and for Chief Ruga this was yet another test of strength.  

Wandering the streets of Neverwinter excited words roused him from is inner thoughts: Fighters of Fury- for Chief Ruga Alaric the ways have been opened.


Fawling had many aliases and countless names in nearly as many cities in the North, his favorite was Riddler. Indeed the short and stout Fawling loved to stymie opponents long enough to gain the advantage in any encounter and more often than not, he would walk away richer because of it. Which is why Fawling felt the decadence of Neverwinter hospitality was about to expire for him.

Walking with a newly purchased map from Maskado’s, Fawling (for that was as good a name as any) eyed the symbol for Waterdeep with the hope of seeing the cobles, castles, and temples of the City of Splendors again and as Luck would have it, four Nobles from Waterdeep are in town soon to leave for points south. 

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