Wednesday, August 1, 2012

People to Trust

Claudia Kelton is an agile thief who loved the city and the adventure of the streets or the ‘hustle and bustle’ as everyone called it; she never lacked for a challenge or for excitement in Waterdeep. Before the dragon attacked her home she and her best friend Jovena Roaringhorn would frequent many of Waterdeep’s well-to-do taverns and pubs; having met after being finalists in an impromptu drinking game-- they have been friends ever since they woke from that night.


Elad Edals, cold infecting his joints, pointed to a brutish man across the High Road. Claudia, following the direction from the older man, saw emerging from a below-street apartment a hulkish man who was unspeakably built. Iron corded muschles over a seven-foot warrior’s frame—seemingly immune to the bitter cold until finally the man drew out a cloak and drew it tight around him. Her mouth dropped as she saw the warrior shrink to average height and merge with the hustle and bustle of Waterdeep.
“His name is Sanford. Did you happen to see his scars?” Elad asked formally. “Acid from a dragon; I set my watch and warrant on it.” Listening, Claudia kept her eyes on Sanford as they followed Sanford south along the High Road. “… Sanford has been making house calls to everyone he believes are Cult of the Dragon agents.”

“He does not look like the private investigator type Elad. Do you know if he works for Piergeiron?” Claudia asked, now identifying where Sanford was going: the Pampered Traveler.

“No, but one of his contacts does… or used to… I do not know yet, however Sanford visited a man named LaCarre—who may have told him about this last call.” Elad said thumbing back indicating the apartment where Sanford left from.

“What does this have to do with the book you are looking for and why you think House Wands involved in all this?” Claudia asked leading them to the walnut-shell littered deck of the 'Traveler.

Elad regarded his young companion quizzically. “Nothing, were not here for that. We are here to discover why dragons attacked your house or why the cult sought to attack; mayhap present ourselves sympathetic to yon brute because if my assumption is correct then we all have something in common.”


One less cultist kowtowing to the dragons of the North, Sanford thought as he easily slipped into the flow of Waterdeep traffic. His palaver with Kafcar yielded him valuable information as well some convinces, the cloak being just one of many; but what Sanford loved the most was the satisfaction of giving them a taste of their own. 

Earlier in the summer, Sanford suffered terrible acid burns on his face and half his upper body when a black dragon attacked Secomber. He spent many weeks recovering—justice and retribution simmering under his gauze and wrappings giving him strength and purpose. When he was travel worthy Sanford left behind his job as a High Moor adventurer and ventured to Waterdeep. These days he seeks revenge by burning away the faces of dragon cultists with corrosive acid like Kafcar. 

Stomping his boots to remove the snow and slush, Sanford scanned the Pampered Traveler and spotted his associate—appearantly as did he judging by his wide charismatic smile. Sanford had made many acquaintances since arriving to Waterdeep: LaCarre, Durnan, and this man Adon. After ordering an ale Sanford removed the cloak revealing his acid scarred bulk and sat down opposite Adon.

“The cloak serves you well my friend.” Adon said companionably. “What did the man tell you before you burned away his life?”


At a nearby table Elad Edals and Claudia Kelton listened intently as Sanford relayed to the other gentleman what the cult of the dragon had planned next for Waterdeep and the North


Tyrus Skullstorn watched it all with curious detachment; the brute, the couple-- he was intrigued by this Damian Agundar, Lighting Sai and Lord of Retribution and wondered what the future may hold for the Realms. Tyrus resolved to understand this new faith… a force of the coming storm and decided how else was he to judge a faith but to observe those who venerate that faith? Tyrus needed people to trust, he was a stranger in a strange land and in these times of troubles enemies are at every turn. 

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