Thursday, April 5, 2012

Undermountain: Day 1 (From the Yawning Portal)

The excursion into the infamous Undermountain began with an unexpected discovery and an unfortunate start, somehow the stone floor at the bottom of Durnan's Delve was stone-shaped to cover up and fill in two passages that lead into the uppermost level of the dungeon, leaving the shaft to descend onto a deeper level.

Following directions given to them by "the Hood" the Samular ka-tet breaks through the stone and into the northern passage beyond and into a bloody fight with a pair of lamia snake-sisters. After destroying the pair, the seven follow the obvious passage north; Kalina leading the group, ever watchful of traps.

A curious chest was found at a divide between two western passages. It was found to be very trapped, so it was left alone for now. A passage north was soon found again as well as the first room of the adventure. In the room was an unconscious hydra; it was later discovered that this creature was the food source for the nearby demon thralls and their subjects.

Leaving well enough alone the Samular Seven continue north and clash with a quad of half-fiend Minotaurs, who had just recently feasted upon the hydra. It was Eva who turned their blood-fury into frightful panic whereby the fiends began to tear each other apart.

In a east-west corridor of evenly spaced basalt pillars, Bordane feels the pull of divine purpose and irritability; he boldly leads his kat-tet into the lair of the chaos beast. Bringing their finely honed skills to bear against the outsiders, the fiends never found an advantage and were brutally defeated. When the final blow was delivered to the chaos beast, the demon yielded the aspect of Chaos to Tauron as well as whatever divine stake the creature had in the temple.

As the final thralls were shot down, Bordane stood upon the faded hand on the temple floor and proclaimed his dominion over this formerly lost temple to Bane; with this also came the aspect of Domination unto the Grim Lord in the Temple of Tyranny.


James Caruso said...

Leadership scores: (modifier +Lvl +charisma)

Eva: +3 (great renoun, special power, familiar, consecrated grounds)
Bordane:+3 (great renoun, special power, cruel, consecrated grounds)
Damian: +1 (great renoun, special power, cruel)
Tauron: +4 (great renoun, special power, special mount)

Let me know if this differs from what you guys come up with.

harrygoblin said...

It was also agreed that each aspect one holds gives a +1 bonus.

James Caruso said...

I don't remember that at all. I'll have to think on that.