Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Talmost Clothier and Furs

Tauren walked briskly in the morning sun, silently thanking Samaular Lord Damian for another day of dry weather. Though he tried to not dwell on Heilean and her new lover, he found it hard to escape his thoughts. He certainly had not seen it coming, but he also didn't feel particularly surprised by it. He thought it was a good match, and could not blame anyone for following the call of their hearts. He was still mulling over in his mind how he would approach Kelemvor, but he knew for certain he would approach him as an ally and friend. He reflected a little on how that relationship further strengthened the ties between the Faerun pantheon and the Samaular pantheon, and those thoughts pleased the would-be god.

Today he hoped to focus on the upcoming journeys into the north. He wasn't sure exactly where they were going, but he knew that griffon flight at high altitudes in this season of Frostburn was going to be perilously cold. As the caravan master, he had decided to start gathering the equipment and goods needed for their flights north. Of course, by reputation, the Talmost noble family were the finest providers of both exquisite and functional furs in all of Waterdeep. This trade and their tailors and seamstresses were the core of the families financial standing, and they operated a large very popular clothing shop. Tauren also remembered a big push from the family's new releases at the greengrass festival. They were introducing a new line of high end winter wear that was exceptionally resistant to cold and water. Tauren sought to invest in such gear for the entire party, knowing full well that it could make survival of the lethal cold much more likely.

As he stepped into the shop, warmed by three fireplaces, his mood was lifted and pulse quickened as he noticed all of the young women in the shop. He was greeted immediately and showered with attention as he perused the wares and inspected frost suits, frost boots, frost gloves, frost goggles, even frost horse blankets .It was just what he needed, and he loved every second of it.

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