Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Week in the North

Our journey began with the purchase of a bonded pair of war-mount trained hippogriffs from the Gundwynd ranch in Waterdeep. Leaving Thursday, a cold lonely march on the wing ensues, with a brief encounter with a herd of peryton the only excitement during a week of wind and snow filled skies.

     Early Thursday night, the Shield Tower of Torm came into view as we descended toward Yartar. A tribe of barbarians were using the cover of shadows created by the setting sun to launch an attack on the Shield Tower. They were supported by dragonkin, including a wyvern, a bladewing, and a horrific razorfiend. The whole group was led by a pair of yuan-ti Cultists.
     The Tower was defended by dwarven dog handlers and a pair of hound archons, celestials under the command and watch of Treydarr, an older, other-worldly seeming human. Eva made palaver with him as we battled the monsters within the horde. The battle was quick, delivering death to the draconic beasts, and one of the yuan-ti cultists. The other cultist was captured and questioned later. Treydarr revealed an operational treaty between Torm and Waukeen; Waukeen would provide the citizens in Yartar, and Torm would protect them and their walls. He saw our griefs agianst Waukeen as an issue of honor, and regarded our quest as a legitimate one. While he stated that his men would not stand in the way of our dispute, he cautioned that to destroy the church of Waukeen was essentially a death blow to Yartar. Most of the city saw them as the leadership of the community and credit the church as the reason for their success. He was not at all aware of any presence of the minions of Set within the church, but he was aware of the heavily intertwined trade company, The 10,000 Trade Kings. He was not suspicious of their relationship. Overall he was leery of Bordane and Damian, but seemed to accept us politely, if not as friends.
     Interrogation of the yaun-ti yielded mixed results. We had decided to test the ingestion of hearts of lesser dragons, and to do it while we were questioning to intimidate the survivor. Well, it was a negative reaction we experienced, and it even left a lasting pall over Bordane and Tauren. Bot are certain that only when they have cleansed their palates with blood from a true dragon heart can they lift this pall. Finding much humor in the turn, the survivor did yield some information before he was killed, and it was confirmed thru the questioning of the other yuan-ti. They called themselves Sons and Daughters of Dragons, and they were the Cult of the Dragon. In their view, they served all dragons, and the Tribe of the Great Wyrm had been included into the Cult. The Cult was based in the church of Set and the 10,000 Trade Kings in Yartar. The closest dragon they knew of was a copper dragon who arrived in Yartar on the feast of the Moon.The attacks on the Shield Tower were a matter of standing orders from cult leaders.
     We approached the city late, but were able to secure lodging at the Pearl Handled Pipe under the guise of wealthy traders. Fallon served as our face man, and with Eva's terrific disguise skills, we went un-noticed. The next day, we all went about different ways of gathering information. Fallon went out and asked questions about the 10K Trade Kings and purchase barding for our vulnerable hippogriffs. Bordane and Damian walked about, scouting the city, and found the ruined temple of Tymora to be covered by a powerful illusion,
not destroyed. Only they could see through it because of their birthright gifts. Eva used her scry spell, and flexing her magical might was able to communicate with her brother through the spell. He was in the mines of Mirabar, they all were, captured and held by the 10KTK. Tauren overheard talk in the inn pub that the uprising (our family) had not ended until the copper dragon appeared.
     All of this led us to the conclusion that all of our true fights lie to the north, in Mirabar. We decided we would leave immediately, stopping only to investigate the mysterious illusion-covered fallen temple. Most of us anticipate discovering a shrine to Set, hidden and coiled within...


James Caruso said...

Dude! The pics are perfect! Nice job

harrygoblin said...

Those pics do match up nicely.Thanks.Since our journey is skipping over days at a time, I thought it might be helpful with our calendar keeping to log our trek north.

James Caruso said...

Glad Rob is on the mend :)

I know we will be finishing up the first Crimson Throne module in the coming weeks, but I'd to request that if you read anything at all in the mean time read one or two blog posts each day.

With an extra emphasis on Butch's review posts- they are most excellent.

See EVERYONE Wednesday!