Friday, August 31, 2012

Spy vs. Spy

From the high eves of Castle Waterdeep, perched comfortably near a pair of stylized gargoyles, Lakari watched as lavish carriages pulled by threaded horses arrived delivering the Gunslinger-Knights of the Firelance as well as highborn nobles to the formal announcement. Lakari was determined to know everything about the entire Order of the Firelance and her sources implied strongly that tonight Piergeiron was going to grant honors of First Knight.

A little late for a palaver Lakari mused as she directed her attention back to her surroundings. She looked to the night sky were occasional snowflakes fell lazily on the already ponderous layer of existing snow fall; with the ever present danger of dragon attack, one always kept a wary eye on the sky.

What she saw was not dragons (for a wonder) but subtle disturbances in the white snow—someone else was up here as well. Now she had a choice: continue with her reconnaissance or investigate this new curiosity. She would not be distracted from her course; so Lakari dropped to a lower snow laden roof-top and began her perilous task.

She mentally recalled the layout of the castle and reached the ledge just outside Piergerion’s administrative office where she saw the ruler of Waterdeep himself and his attendees leaving to join the palaver below.  Lakari only say them for an instant but was glad she did; they would not be returning for some time if at all tonight.

The office was spacious and ostentatious which rekindled her loathing for the Firelance and what they stood for. Paintings of previous Waterdeep lords; preserved heads of elk, peryton, and other beasts of the hunt decorated the walls as bear and tiger pelts adorned the floor.

As Lakari examined the wards and traps she would have to overcome before she could begin her objective in earnest when movement in the office caught her eye. Through the frosty glass Lakari watched in fascination as an individual stepped out form the mural on the office wall; previously undetected by herself and apparently the Eld himself.

The individual dropped his chameleon guise and began to search the office in haste. Lakari could only watch as the intruder, a human man of average height, quickly discovered Piergeiron’s strong box and began the course of opening the safe. Anxiety gripped the Wraith as she began to work on the window hoping to find out what this individual was after; Lakari’s insight told her it was something to be had.

The individual had it open faster than she would have believed; Lakari was not even close to opening the outer casement, she doubled her attempts and just as the trap was triggered the ‘chameleon’ saw her. 

Magically held in place Lakari could only watch as the man escaped with his untold spoils.

The minutes seemed like hours to Lakari as she knelt in the cold night air on the roof facing the office window. Finally, when the enchantment abated the assassin moved—like a wraith.

Reaching the snow-covered streets of the Castle Ward Lakari quickly found the assailants tracks and began to follow them. The long boot strides told her the individual was running but as she followed them they narrowed indicating his over confidence; she however did not slow.

Turning onto Wall Street Lakari came to an abrupt stop in front of Claudanius’ Owlery where she found the man dead in the street; fresh blood painted the street red. She knelt to search the man but knew before she began she would find nothing. 

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