Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yartar At A Glance

This fortified town is the site of a bridge over the Surbrin, just north of where it meets the Dessarin. The major industry here is the construction of river barges, which are used the length of the Dessarin river network. The folk ofYartar fish the ‘Three Rivers’ (the Dessarin, Surbrin, and Laughingflow) for their table fare. Each year, Yartar is the scene of the vast Shieldmeet of the outcasts, bandits, homeless, and isolated landholders of the North who gather here in thousands.

Beldabar’s Rest: This is perhaps the most unusual human-built inn of the North as it is located completely underground, beneath Yartar’s central market.

The Cointoss: A mediocre tavern, the Cointoss is a low beamed, smoky, poorly lit place with wooden tables and benches. Its primary occupancy is by locals who drink the night away.

Dannath’s Pickles, Nuts, and Foods: Alukk Dannath runs a shop with his three strong daughters, specializing in foods practical for northern travelers.

Esklindrar’s Maps, Books, and Folios: This is the home and shop of Esklindrar, a sage whose expertise is written humans works of the Sword Coast, from earliest known times to the present.

Firelust Fabrics and Tailoring: Firelust Fabrics is run by the jolly Firelust family. All are quality tailors, from whitehaired grand-dames to fat and tumbling youngsters.

Fishyard: The visitor to this bustling town always finds his way to the noisy, crowded, market area in front of the Waterbaron ‘s Hall. Known locally as the Fishyard, the market always has fish on sale. Even in the depths of winter, ice fishermen bring their wares to the stalls.

Halassa’s Waterwell and Fine Wines: Halassa’s is run by a short, sharp-tongued old woman who seems to know everyone. She’s seen most days giving strangers salty advice as if she were their grandmother.

The Happy Hall of Fortuitous Happenstance: This hall used to be a temple to Tymora but now its a blackened ruin looking down on the town from the temple’s own small hillock.

Gerritt Hasklar’s Arms and Armor: Gerritt’s shop contains the best on public display of high quality armor and weapons in the North.

One Foot in the Boat: Alazar tends bar at this noisy, smoky, and raucous tavern that’s often too crowded to bear, nevertheless a lucky patron usually overhears something valuable that may lead him to adventure, or at least give him something to talk about in other taverns.

The Pearl-Handled Pipe: A large excellent inn considered to be the best place to stay in Yartar, and in fact one of the best in the North.

The Shield Tower: The west bank of the Surbrin River is the site of the Shield Tower, home to the Shields of Yartar.

Waterbaron’s Hall: The Hall is the residence and court of the ruler. Rooms are provided for merchants, and feasts are thrown for important guests.

The White-Winged Griffon: This creaking hostel threatens to come down during high winds, letting the chill blow through the bones of tenants. Known locally as the Whitewings, its only virtue is that it is cheap.

The Wink and the Kiss: This gaudy festhall is fun and informal. Easy camaraderie is encouraged here; rowdiness is frowned upon.

Winter Winds: This clothes shop is run two arguing brothers from Baldur’s Gate who moan and complain of the conditions of the North as they drape customers in cloaks, boots, furs, leggings, and mufflers.


James Caruso said...

Added some more description and links. This gives you guys a chance to palaver on where to go first, so feel free to consider this post and its links common knowledge.

James Caruso said...

Added some more description and links. This gives you guys a chance to palaver on where to go first, so feel free to consider this post and its links common knowledge.

robm1171 said...

I vote for "One Foot in The Boat", "The Cointoss" (to gather info) and the Waterbaron's Hall. I don't really see us sneaking into the city, so perhaps that should be what we do?

harrygoblin said...

without a doubt The Pearl Handled Pipe is where we should plan on staying once we get in. Maybe we should try to find the gravestone of Samular before we reach Yartar, or find a different place where Eva can scry. I find a glaring omission with no reference to where waukeens temple lies, but it wouldnt surprise me if that is where our compatriots are being held as prisoners. I am also intrigued by a visit to the sage described to us.