Monday, August 13, 2012

While you are gone...

Teldicia knew, even before The Gypsy Lord spoke to her, that everything was different. It was a cold, but dry Monday morning, and she marvelled at what she considered a miracle - Samular Damian's control over the weather over Waterdeep. She was happy that her lord was generous with information pertaining to the Pantheon goals and aspirations. He was more secretive about the thoughts and motivations of his tet than he was his own, but she knew all of their aspects and had a firm grasp of how they were gaining their followers. As Tauren was over-explaining the importance of a Faerun pantheon, and Tymora's place within it, Teldicia suddenly realized what he was so reluctant to say. Tymora had ended their romance, and chosen the Avatar of Tempus. She was stunned, but not necessarily surprised, if such a thing is possible. Frankly, it was news that pleased her. She felt it was time the Gypsy Lord focused all of his efforts to elevate himself and his own tet.

The two held palaver as they discussed his plans for an extended trip north. An important trip, one meant to gain information and possibly wreak some havoc upon their dragon enemies. She had been testing her apprentice acolyte, Volo, since they arrived back from Amphail. He had successfully brewed a healing potion each day, 5 in a row. Tauren was pleased, and allotted resources to allow him to brew a potion every day for the next 8 weeks. He grew serious, and asked her if she was ready to try her skills at blessing weapons and armor into magical items. She beamed with pride, and showed him the lance she had prayed over for the last 3 days. It was carried in battle by the Horse Lord himself early in his carrier, a masterwork hurtful lance. It now imperceptibly glowed with its enchantment, applied through her dedicated prayers to the Gypsy Lord. He smiled, and she basked in his appreciation. When they were done, he detailed and allotted for funds for her begin enchanting the other masterwork tools of war in his church's hoard. She brushed her hair back out of her eyes, and started to prepare for the next six weeks of work.

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harrygoblin said...

Volo is a 3rd level follower with the brew potion feat, and he is focused on making cure light wound potions(CL1), at a cost of 25 gp. Teldicia has the craft magic arms and armor feat and can enchant up to a +2 bonus. This doesn't require a specific spell, so there is no wild surge roll. The potions are a different story!