Saturday, August 11, 2012

Putting One's House in Order

"Sai Bladesemmer, Sai Umbrusk left word she was not to be disturbed while she was entertaining at teaUMPH!"
 The liveried manservant bounced off the wall as Dannrlee strode pratically through him, barely slowing. Dannrlee's face was a mask of scorn and anger. At a more leisurely pace, Cherilyn Anteos followed, a smirk playing on her lips. With a casual flick, she cast her heavy cloak at the doorman and sauntered after her husband's cohort.
 The Lady Umbrusk and her court of hens' laughter was abruptly ended as the double doors to the tea room burst open, Dannrlee stalking into the room, his eyes riveted on his bride-to-be. Lady Umbrusk stood. "Dan- Sai Bladesemmer, what are you doing here. I left word I was not to be disturbedAH!" The room was filled with sound of flesh meeting flesh as Dannrlee backhanded the matron of the house, driving her to the carpeted floor. Gasps escaped from the lips of the group of women, though one or two looked with hungry appreciation at the young Bladesemmer.
 Lady Umbrusk looked up from the floor, her eyes filled with loathing, and fear. A trickle of blood ran from a split lip. Dannrlee stood over her, gazing down at her with expressionless eyes. "Our lord and master directed you to have the helm horror delivered to the temple. Randal reports that it has yet to have appeared."
 "I will send it, I've just been so busy seeing to getting my house's own chapel in orderOH!" she ended as Dannrlee flipped her over, onto her back with his boot. He then placed his foot onto her throat and leaned forward.
 "Samular Bordane does not expect us to make time for him. We are expected to hear and obey, immediately. One hundred years of service under an old god means nothing to him, we must prove ourselves anew. Deeds, not words, are how we prove our loyalty. When we wed at the end of this month, this rebellious, independent streak will come to an end. Once our houses are joined, I will need a wife who will be tractable. I will have a covered wagon here at your estate by sundown, have the guardian ready to leave. Understand?"
 The pinned noble woman bit back her retort and nodded. Dannrlee straightened and removed his foot from her neck. He swept the room with a cold gaze, the tempurature in the chamber dropping a few degrees. The other noblewomen in attendance lowered their eyes, some sipping from the just remembered teacups in their hands. Dannrlee swept out of the room without another word. Cherilynn, witnessing the entire spectacle silently and approvingly, beamed at the attendees. "Ladies, it has been a delight. We must do this again sometime!" She turned to go, and then stopped and turned back abruptly "Oh, and Maribell? We are indeed still on for tomorrow night. The whips and irons will be ready." Cherilynn chuckled at the woman's discomfort and left.


Gordzilla said...

Wayne Dannrlee Brady gonna have to smack a bitch

James Caruso said...

That's awesome