Friday, August 24, 2012

Tales from Deepwater Prison

Meritt Archneie loved the Sea. The sun in its reflection, the power and the force of the waves excited her beyond her physical state and entered the realm of spiritual. To Meritt the Sea had a language all its own; a dialect that no one else seemed to understand.

When little Meritt was thirteen, a chance meeting with a similarly young merfolk girl of Deepwater Harbor, changed the current of her life forever. Meritt found that she could speak with the sea-girl and was therefore was delighted. All that rainy summer, Meritt would swim out to play with and in one case actually defend, her new friend Kiiri.

That year, Meritt’s parents announced they were fed up with the ‘storms of the North’ and had decided to move south and away from the Sword Coast before winter. Despite Meritt’s deepest and sincere objections, they were adamant. Despair gripped Meritt in a way she had never felt before; she could feel the tide receding and her heart and purpose going out with it.

The night before the family move, a tempest came to call upon the City of Splendors. It was a storm to end all storms like a pyrotechnic finale at Midsummer. Dark billowy clouds raced with pounding winds and thick pouring rain. It was beautiful Meritt thought, like an orchestra playing a triumphant sonata.

Outside, with the late summer storm dancing and pirouetting around her, Meritt stood fearless in the warm downpour; back to her home as she faced the Trackless Sea beyond the towers and villas of Waterdeep. They did not understand, she pondered as she shifted her haversack thinking of her parents; a life away from the smell of ocean as well as the taste and feel of the Sea would be like an eternity in purgatory. Without looking back the young Meritt Archneie left her home and paced her way toward Deepwater Harbor and to her fate.

Seven years later…

The ship was getting closer! The daemon's words prove true. His power over the winds was bringing them salvation and escape from Deepwater Prison. Meritt stood amongst other anxious prisoners; cold and feverish to escape, waiting to board and hijack the late night ship.

As the ship neared and the battle had begun, Meritt noticed how the harbor continued to wash up the convicts like seaweed on the beach. Then something caught her eye, the large waves had uncovered something—a magic abalone shell. Meritt carefully gathered up the shell and examined it, suddenly oblivious to the battle waging around her; indeed it could have been wheels away from the woman and her fascination. Her breath stopped as she realized what she had found; no, what the Sea had blessed her with. Excitement welled up in her like a coming storm—it was the mythical Orglara, an ancient text sacred to Umberlee!

Meritt reverted her attention back to the situation; the conflict at hand; and began to realize that several prisoners were retreating back into the ‘safety’ of the prison and that Agglemax’s plan had gone awry. She smiled as coldness filled Meritt, a deep-ocean cold where the warmth of the sun dare not venture; with the Orglara she could elevate herself to become Umberlee’s Dread High Trident. Maintaining her emotionless smile, Meritt turned with the flow of convicts reentering the prison where she returned to her cell and began to contemplate her plan and the seduction of Agglemax the Corrupted.

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