Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fejyelsae’s Ring

The gem, a pink diamond is to be set in a platinum ring forged from several platinum pieces. The gem is not yet cut. Instead the jewel sits in a velvet lined box, upon a card;an appointment with the jeweler Jacinth Lathkule. Jacinth is a recent arrival to Storm Keep, a new follower plying her expert trade under the protection of the Samular Seven. The jeweler, unlike most followers, feels a strong connection to the pantheon, paying respects to all seven deities. She intends to earn a “master” status through the crafting of Fejyelsae’s wedding ring. The master work quality of the ring will then allow the addition of magical properties. If Fejyelsae accepts my proposal her noble title will be The First Lady of Storm.

James if you will allow a little backtracking, when I was in the carriage with Piergeiron and he spoke to me about the weather, I spoke with him about my true love of Waterdeep and a few other things. I would like to have requested that he marry us pending her acceptance and a time when the city is not starving or under attack.

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