Monday, August 20, 2012

The Daeraman

Daeraman (pronounced DEER-eh-men by everyone but the dwarves, who pronounce it da-ere-A-man) is also known as the Dwarven Hound, for many reasons, though not because of its size. The name itself is likely a synthesis between two dwarven words: daern, meaning familiar or known, and samman, meaning a trusted friend through battle. 

It stands about three and a half feet high, and its burly frame can often reach up to two-hundred fifty pounds. Their fur is often mottled brown and black, though all manner of earth tones may be found. 

They have a fantastically tough hide, and have been known to walk across hot coals without noticing, and to survive for many days in the harshest permafrost environments. Various body parts of the daeraman are reputed to be useful in elixirs involving hardiness and stamina. 

Daeraman seem equally comfortable with all the major civilized races, but dwarves seem to have a special fondness for them. They will let dwarven children ride on their backs, and they can (sometimes) carry up to fifty pounds of supplies. Daeraman seem very comfortable in northern climates as well as underground, and do not appear to be affected by lack of exposure to sunlight. 

However, daeraman have never been a truly popular breed of pet, for one reason: as they age, they seem to lose any emotional attachment they may have once had to humanoids. Many will wander off after the age of ten or eleven, to live out their final years away from civilization. This seems less likely to happen if the owner of the daeraman is also a cat owner, as the two animals will often get along very well.

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