Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chapter Five

The countryside surrounding Yartar was an oasis in the midst of hostile winter weather; the snow was not as thick and the Evermore Way looked to be well maintained. The large town sits comfortably along a northern eastern peninsula where the Subrin River joins the River Dessarin, the main two rivers of the North.

A third smaller inlet river flows into the Subrin just north of Yartar where you can also see a number of buildings where several river barges are docked.

On the west bank of the River Surbrin lies the Shield Tower; a serviceable fort surrounded by a simple timber wall; a flag of Torm flies proudly high along with two other flags of color.

As you take in these details a battle trumpet is sounded from somewhere within the fortification spurring tired groups of men-at-arms into action, and with them dwarven animal handlers complete with daeraman hounds that barked viciously in anticipation of battle.

Beyond the fortification scores of Uthgart, barbarians of the Great Wyrm, emerged from a northern hillock and began to charge the Shield Tower their weapons held high; cries of battle and blood filled the late day countryside.

Back at the Shield Tower you see several war hounds have broke off and darted up the steps, to the battlements heedless of any obstacles; followed by a pair of dwarves and a wizened old man. The dogs bark and growl and seemed to clamor over one another until their bodies suddenly began to meld together; their form grew taking an upright stance, and shifted into two magnificent Hound Archon paladins clad in full shining plate armor—a symbol of Torm over a glyph of Fire design blazing like an inferno on their breastplates.

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