Saturday, August 4, 2012


Norsinnow waited until the Samular group left his workshop before rushing back over to the liquor cabinet replacing his empty cup with a full bottle. Norsinnow’s used both hands to grip the bottle and drink, his body trembling with adrenaline and fear. Gathering his thoughts, Norsinnow wryly thought that he must be held in some regard by the group since he was given an option to co-operate. Quickly deciding that his work would have to wait, the wizard hurried to his private quarters to gather his belongings. Norsinnow had already had enough problems with the warriors of Tempus and without the Samular tet’s backing here at the Fields of Triumph, he was far too exposed. Once in his quarters he finished his bottle and focused on gathering the essentials he needed. Deciding the risk of wild magic was necessary, Norsinnow used a spell and magical ointment to disguise his appearance and made his way out into the night towards the church district.

The creature once known as Balin Jardeth wasn’t certain what had occurred but suddenly he could no longer feel his master’s omniscient presence, his master’s will. His existence was his own again…at least it would be once he had sated his hunger. The creature who once had been Balin must feed. Not certain how he had arrived in the church district or where he was headed the creature peered around, instinctively careful to avoid any priests that might be about. The Balin creature heard the heartbeat first, his tongue engorged, teeth extended as the fresh blood of an unprotected soul was approaching. Moving quickly, the creature found a series of small tents battered and torn by the storms of the previous evenings. The remains of the tents would provide enough cover eliminating the creatures need to alter from his humanoid form.

Norsinnow now shivered from the evening’s cold but was pleased that the snowstorm had finally stopped. It didn’t please the wizard to go into hiding but he was almost certain that none realized he had a sister who was a priestess of Tymora. Chuckling to himself, Norsinnow realized he was weaving in the snow covered road, the liquor beginning to hit him. Not too much farther before he could call upon his sister’s hospitality…

The Balin creature unloaded both his pistols into the backs of the human’s knees, dropping him instantly into the snow. The wind would hide the human’s screams the Balin creature realized as he fell upon his victim. Fangs extended, his bite tore at Norsinnow’s neck, ending the wizard’s life and beginning his undead one.