Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kiss My Axe!

The four dwarven units were scattered around the intersection in a maneuver called Karkas' Crossfire. The tactic was used when dwarven riflemen could catch their targets in a crossfire whereby the Melairkyn would hopefully capture their foes. The Melairkyn have done quite well in reclaiming their old halls; however many denizens of the realms below have moved in and have proven tenacious tenants when prompted to evacuate.

The Underhome was much as Quintin Grumphery remembered it- like it was yesterday in fact; same halls, rooms and mining tunnels; but the tone and climate of the halls was far removed from how General Grumphery remembered it. He recalled those sensations as he regarded his second, Blok Grimface; he and his kin learned that many years have passed since their incursion with the red dragon. No worries, as there was bound to be kin familiar to the Melairkyn about these old halls. What was the most disconcerting to Quintin was how and why their home had been magically duplicated to create a fun-house for a mad and deranged wizard

"Wizards! Bah! They can kiss my axe... The whole lot of 'em." Quintin cursed to himself.

This attracted looks of surprise from the Clangeddin priests who were watching and listening intently for any trickery. When dealing with arcane spellcasters, it was always best to be vigilant. For weeks the clan have been cleaning house, ridding their halls of vermin kobolds, carrion, and evil dragon cultists. It was only yesterday when General Grumphery and is dwarf units happened across a frequently used thoroughfare at the Intersection.

The coined Intersection was just that, a joining paths in the Underhome, but it held more significance for the Melairkyn Dwarves. The Intersection linked the four quarters of their home and was strategically important because key tunnels could be charged to collapse if a fighting retreat was necessary. The Intersection was being used by a cabal; or cultists, wizards, mages, sorcerers, conjurers, warlocks or alchemists; it was all trouble no matter what you called it!

Moments later their quarry entered the intersection followed by floating orbs of light allowing them to see. There were half a dozen humans, each wearing red robes and carrying a rod, staff, or wand; just beyond their light were devilish imps squeaking infernally at their masters. Words of warning, Quintin was certain.

General Grumphery signaled to Blok who gave the order to attack. Blunderbusses boomed and hammers beat their wrath upon the wizards of red, staining their attire a deeper crimson hue. The clerics spoke encouraging words to the rifleman and warriors alike, speaking of sacred duty, honor and home.

"For the Halls!" A dwarf shouted over the din of battle. "May they taste my Hammer of Wrath!"

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