Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Tale of Death’s Gypsy

Larissa Silvermane, a name derived from her sterling hair, earned her living as an exotic gypsy dancer at The Cutlass, a notorious private establishment in Luskan, Thieving her way through the unforgiving city until her career took a sudden turn thanks to a man named Karlott. Identifying Silvermane’s super natural abilities in the dance, Karlott went to her and promised to help her achieve her full potential. What she learned, a dance that was terrible in its elegance, a dance of doom that ultimately gave her power and control over undead. She was like death’s gypsy. Someday, Karlott mused, she will bring about the return of Cryomantipelica with her dance of death.

Catriona has been a vampire for 331 years; she would move from city to city every few years changing her identity each time. Building a name for herself in the aristocracy, she would target not just a highborn lord or noble cully yet to lose his innocence; after Catriona moved on, an entire family’s bloodline is sure to lie broken and removed forever from the realms in her wake. But when the vampire saw Silvermane and her dance of death on the eve of midsummer night, Catriona knew at once that she should protect death’s gypsy through life and serve her forever more through her unlife.

The Reverend and undead hunter, Martin Luckjoy smiled ruefully as he addressed Jamaliyah in the high speech; he was sure to exaggerate his flirtatious advances… to facilitate the palaver of course. Jamaliyah was a djinni of the Lamp who also possessed a wily nature and intelligence. It was obvious she was infatuated with the cleric of Tymora and loved the playful bantering. Finally, Jamaliyah brought her deck of tarot cards, to answer the handsome cleric’s questions. The city, Luckjoy perceived, stank of undeath.

Jamaliyah began drawing seven cards one at a time; interpreting the order in which they were drawn, weather they lay right side up or not, and sequencing, how the cards read first card to the last and backward.

The Jann reported her discoveries. “Five bodies appeared to be killed by a vampire; they were lured into the dungeons. The vampire could be a succubus but I believe she is subservient to a ‘silver dancer’. Does that mean anything to you Marty?”

Martin’s eyes flashed. “Luck is with us old friend!” Speaking to Zellizands. “It is Death’s gypsy and she is finally within my sword’s reach.”

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