Tuesday, October 20, 2009


When one thinks of an evil god, a deity of such spite and anguish that the very name invokes thoughts of tyranny and oppression; exploiting the weak and the subjugation of the masses into sin, only one word comes to mind: Bane. Subservient to Bane through Bhaal; are the rivals Loviatar and Talona who wage a conflict of discipline versus madness amongst their followers, and Malar The Beastlord. Collectively they empower Bhaal; as the ends to their various means ultimately benefit him. In the end it is Bane who reaps the fell rewards from the bloodlust, sweat and tearful cries of their faithful that toil on behalf of their gods and beliefs. On the left side of Bane are Myrkul and Shar who occasionally come to each others aid only if it attracts the notice and recognition from Bane.

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