Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A recent message to an agent in Waterdeep

A problem has arisen in Darkhold! My envoy, the wizard Sememmon has fallen to wild magic, unable to cast spells properly, and driven insane by his scarab of rulership, now a scarab of insanity. The scarab held the dead spirit of the lich queen Varalla, whom we felled in 1312DR. The spirit, now free, has taken over the remains of the long dead white wyrm, Cryomantipelica. Varalla is near invincible in her current form, and without a deity in place to claim souls I have been searching for a solution.

I am currently unable to travel as quickly as I have in times past and will require you to deal with this problem in my stead. I have performed many divinations, seeking a clue as to how to stop the dread lich now draco-lich. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the claims of history are wrong, Harristor Thunderswing did not fell Cryomantipelica, although he adventured with those that did.

One word or phrase keeps coming up in my divinations and finally I had a break through. The phrase is “The Samular Legacy” and my breakthrough is that it is a bloodline, apparently a royal one or one with royal connections. Apparently they are descendants of dragon slayers, and it is this bloodline that felled the original living dragon. Until the gods decide to return to the heavens their descendants are the only ones capable of defeating this newborn undead. I care not how you gain their compliance in this matter; know it must be done. Consider their discovery to be the highest priority, blessed by Bane. When you succeed your place in our order is secure and only greatness awaits you.

Talk to the hand!

Fzoul Chembryl

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James said...

Talk to the Hand. That's awesome. :)