Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tales from the Trackless Sea: Tarninia

The sea was calm this night and their convoy of masts and sails agreed to make the most of the still night. It felt like time had stopped. Shoonaryn Bräunen, for that was her real name, after finishing her evening Checklist, emerged from her quarters. Her lithe form was graceful and fluid as she walked the deck of the Bronze Protector. She wore a simple green aba for the ease of its removal and no weapon, she was a weapon. Her Weird snaked its way obediently behind, anxious in its gait. Shoonaryn rarely ventured away from the ships at night, but tonight would not be ignored; the Peddler’s Moon had infected her with an appetite for wanderlust.

Above, keeping watch in the crow’s nest was a guard equipped with the Eyes of the Eagle, so Shoonaryn waited for him to turn. With uncanny quickness Shoonaryn slipped from her trappings and fell into the waters while transforming into her true draconic form.

The ocean was exhilarating. She took in the water and could not smell the foul scents of any sahuagin, merrow or scrags. That was a relief. She despised the evil denizens of the ocean- above or below its waves and would deal with any swiftly. Down she went, deeper into the Trackless Sea where the cold and darkness was at home. For hours Shoonaryn investigated the depths near the Whalebones, when a feral sensation gripped her and she let out a roar. Even in the water the force for which she wailed sent ripples to the surface. It was as she feared- there was another dragon in these waters. 

Shoonaryn raced to the surface and the Bronze Protector to find the convoy under serious duress. Positioned a mile away from her ship was a tall vessel whose red and white sails included a rampant black dragon sigul. It was a creature Shoonaryn was familiar, a deadly rival, the vain and greedy Tarninia and her half-dragon brood. This will not stand Shoonaryn thought as her bronze dragon wings lifted her into battle.

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Boom! Have I said how much fun I'm having with all this?