Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Knights of Antiquity Part 4

Law: a system of rules and guidelines usually enforced through a set of institutions. It shapes politics, economics, and society in numerous ways and serves as a social mediator of relations between people.

Zeal: is the steadfast application, assiduousness and industry – the virtue of hard work rather than the sin of careless sloth.

Dackar Roaringstone attached very little importance to the complaints he was receiving from a number of acolytes who claimed their prayers were going unanswered. Young followers always presumed that something was wrong with Helm, instead of something wrong with them. Many of the newer members believed that only faith was required when asking for a blessing from Helm, not realizing the years of study and precision of prayer required of a priest who wished to work their lord’s greatest miracles. Over the last week, Dackar began to worry that his acolytes had been his first warning as many of his priests were now claiming similar problems. It was last night that his fears grew into a damnable realization, for as he stood in the streets of Waterdeep alongside other citizens of Waterdeep, watching the comet fall from the heavens, he felt his own connections waver then sever. His connection, once so strong it was akin to a limb of his body, now lost to him; he still could feel that empty space where it so recently held firm.

The night the stars fell was watched by many until the first falling bits of heaven slammed into locations around Waterdeep. Loud explosions could be heard and seen across the famous city, plumes of water shooting up into the sky, where stars struck in the harbor. Dackar had his gaze focused on a rather large burning chunk of sky that grew in size as it drew closer to his watchful eye. Almost too late Dackar realized that this falling debris was actually going to strike near where he stood watching, the courtyard of his Helmite church. Running as fast as his short dwarven legs would carry him he watched in awe and fear as the roof of his clergy’s barracks was broken through by the falling pieces of comet and streams of light, fire, and stone exploded all around him.

Charging forward into the dangerous fires that roared about the barracks, Dackar was determined to save any of his clergy that still lived, before burning to death in the stars conflagration. Dodging falling pieces of the structure and moving further in, the high priest was shocked to find that none of his clergy were injured, all miraculously unscathed. It was then that the high priest thought of poor Brother Carmichael, who had not left his scribe station since attempting to divine a question for a noble who had tragically lost his brother, a helmite in Dackar’s order, in a jail break some two to three months past. The falling sky had struck the building exactly where Carmichael worked, there could be no saving him. Still the good brother deserved to be properly buried and recognized for his stalwart faith which had not allowed him to quit writing since the day of the divination.

With several other clergymen helping Dackar move the debris and put out the fires, the high priest finally broke through into the chamber that held Brother Carmichael some hours later. As the last large stone of the barracks was moved aside the worshippers were suddenly bathed in holy light and Dackar felt his emptiness fill again, stronger and more vibrant than ever before. Stunned Dackar stared at what was once the starved, pitiful cleric Carmichael standing, fully healed, strong and vibrant. His ink stained fingers were clean and where starvation had torn away at his flesh, muscle now showed. Two glowing stones, surely pieces of the stars that had fallen, glowed brightly, imbedded and burned into the good brother’s flesh. Never before had Dackar felt closer to his god. Surely this miracle was Helm’s work.

Brother Carmichael approached the dwarven high priest. Dackar was sure that it was Brother Carmichael and yet somehow it was more than he that spoke to him. “I claim for him Law and Planning”, spoke Brother Carmichael, “Your faith is true and you are spared.” Dackar followed, listening as the good brother went throughout the church speaking the same statement to every clergyman he encountered. As soon as he spoke, they too were reconnected to their faith. Dackar knew that Helm had chosen to work through Carmichael and was proud that his church had been judged worthy. As the sun rose the church held their morning prayers together, around, and with Brother Carmichael. When they finished, Carmichael spoke to Dackar, “Bring Genos Hawkwinter here so he can learn the truth of his brother’s destruction!”

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James said...

Added Aspects.

When Eva spoke LAW to the entity in the circle of stones, what was shown to her was this scene of Helm worshipers.