Monday, August 22, 2011

Talk around the Fire

Chadwick stood watch, eyes roving over the dark moors. The night air was humid, both with moisture from the moors and the recent rains, and alive with the sounds of night creatures. The chirping of the crickets, burping of frogs and cries of birds weren't enough to drown out the approaching footsteps, though. Chadwick turned and regarded the approacher.
"Hail, Chadwick, it's just me, Bordane," said the figure, stepping closer to show his face.
Chadwick grimaced, the young Agundar was not a favorite of his. Well trained with a sword, he would admit, and Bordane would never let anyone forget it. However, he'd changed since their escape from the Cult...
"No relief from the heat, it seems," said Bordane, his voice low so as not to carry.
"Get on with it, why aren't you asleep with the others?" Chadwick asked, eyeing the young man out of the corner of his eye.
Smiling a slight smile, Bordane nodded to himself and said "I feel your hate."
"What? What're you talking about now?" Chadwick asked, confused by the cryptic utterance.
"Your hate, for the wyrms, I can feel it. Like a campfire on the plains, it lights up the darkness. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Name me one emotion that's as constant. Love? That can be broken with but a daliance. Joy? (snort) That can easily turn to tears. Courage? How many tales have we heard about battle-hardened veterans fleeing the battlefield, trying to save their lives. Courage is fickle. But hate... hate, my friend, is something everyone can feel. It can put steel in your spine when other men's bowels have turned to water. It can keep you going when others have dropped from exhaustion. It's something that needs to be fed and nutured and will repay you ten, nay, a thousand-fold, " Bordane looked intently at Chadwick, watching his eyes as they became distant with thought. "You hate dragons, and why not? Their age is done, no matter what these Cultists say. They would be nothing more than cruel overseers and anyone who is not a dragon would be nothing but slaves or worse. I've forgotten most of my history lessons, but I'm sure that's how it was, ages ago. Humas sought their slaughter, and so should we."
Chadwick closed his eyes, and asked, "Is there a point to all this, Bordane?"
The young man made a noise he hadn't made in months, a wry chuckle. "Just wanted you to know I understand, and approve. Feed the fire, my brother in arms."
With that, Bordane turned and walked back to the camp and Chadwick was left with new, troubling thoughts.

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James said...

Added some pics. Great post Robby-Rob! Way to hold to your convictions!