Monday, September 26, 2011

Maerklos Reunion

After Aldara finished lighting the candles she began to anoint the room against the evil eye and any who would magically eavesdrop on their palaver. Aldara stood firm in spite of her years, being back on the frontier and away from the big city politics had done her well.

Morgurn returned to the villa loaded down with familiar tuns of graff, he smiled at his sister, “Do you remember when the last time it was when we shared a drink?”
Eva laughed as the pleasant memory surfaced. It was after her fifth Daughters of Sune pageant and to celebrate she and her brothers shared a growler after all the adults had taken siesta. She lapsed into a vision that night, her very first and to this day neither brother has divulged what that portended.

Morgurn set the tun on the elegant table where sat a cooked succulent pig waiting patiently to be eaten. Drinks where poured, servants dismissed and there they were- no one knowing how to begin.

It was Eva who began with a fluid and detailed accounting of the past three months. The warp marble, the people and the gods fall. By the time Eva had finished it was well after midnight and the pig was replaced with sweets and more graff.
A cold began to take residence in the room so Morgurn got up to spark a fire in the hearth. Soon the room wavered and flickered in the fire light, Aldara took another drink of graff and looked at her only daughter.

“You were away for too long, I will not let both of you go out without a way to contact their mother.” Smiling, she retrieved a small silver figurine.

She hands Eva the silver raven. “I don’t expect to hear from you daily, but mayhap at every full moon I would like to expect the raven at my window.” Then her smile diminished a little. “or if something terrible should happen.”

As if on cue a vision suddenly wracked Eva; images of the Company of the Nine, her ka-tet- one from many. One by one they fell. Griffith Cragsmere was the first- Eden Kormallis the second; then Chadwick Cassalanter and Wayne Gundwynd last. It was all for a greater cause wasn’t it? Many moments of camaraderie and kinship, victories and defeats; the strength came from the joining of the Samular bloodline and no other individuals can share that level of khef.

Eva sees the Tarm woman and her own brother; they each share the skeletal shadow of the dead. The bloodline passes from mother to daughter and father to son; her generation is significant, the seventh generation of King Samular…

When Eva awoke it was morning, a rich aroma of coffee greeted her. Sitting beside her was her mother. “Goodmorning sunshine! How do you feel?”

Eva took the cup that was poured for her and drank. “Ok, what day is it?”

“It’s Wednesday, your friends are preparing for the road I see.” She stood looking out a window. “Leaving so soon?” Aldara looked downcast at her coffee as Eva began to dress. She continued, “Your brother is does not know what you saw or said, I sent him away when you… spoke. He will be disappointed, but I know your heart and know you don’t want any harm to come to Morgurn. He longs for adventure and will take convincing.”

Not long after, Aldara walked her youngest child out of the villa and out onto the thoroughfare, where Morgurn waited with his and his little sister’s horse reins in hand.

Silver Raven
This silver figurine turns into a raven on command. Another command sends it off into the air bearing a message just like a creature affected by an animal messenger spell. If not commanded to carry a message, the raven obeys its master’s commands, although it has no special powers or telepathic abilities.
While weak in combat, a silver raven can carry multiple messages every week. This makes it useful for coordinating actions and attacks across great distances. A silver raven can travel four miles in one hour and can therefore travel a maximum distance of 96 miles before returning to statuette form. Thus if its owner wishes to retrieve the silver raven it can travel only 48 miles before having to turn back.
Because of the silvery sheen of its feathers, a silver raven is clearly not a normal animal.  
Active The silver raven can maintain its active form for 24 hours per week, but the duration need not be continuous.
Aura Moderate enchantment and transmutation (DC 21 Knowledge [arcana]; DC 21 Spellcraft identifies); Price 3,800 gp. Requirements CL 6th; Craft Wondrous Item, animal messenger, animate objects; Cost 1,900 gp.

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