Tuesday, September 6, 2011

That seems Familiar

Mirandos had faced this particular dark wizard before. In fact on two other occasions her watch patrol had stumbled across his nefarious actions. He would lose his magic at them from afar, as soon as she could close the distance he would vanish. She had experience dealing with invisibility and knew that was not the case. The sorcerer was defiantly transporting himself away from the confrontation. This particular evening looked as if it was going to be a replica of the previous two. Mirandos and her Helmites were pinned down as fire and lightning danced all around them. She had tried calling out for Helms aid but had not been granted a boon. She could see the sorcerer up the street between flashes and flickers, standing in the open daring the priests to make a charge. “Run for it” shouted a shrill voice between claps of thunder. Peeking around the corner Mirandos caught sight of the taunter, a small Imp sitting on the wizards shoulder daring her to approach. “I think it’s clear” he giggled, as a ball of flame ripped down the alley a few feet from the patrol.

Mirandos’ blood began to boil this confrontation had to end now. For Helm’s honor she screamed as she charged the corner. Caught by surprise from the unexpected assault the Imp cursed out loud. Mirandos’ saw a sly smile cross the wizard’s lips as he began speaking the words to transport him and his familiar away. She knew he would finish before she reached her destination. Another lost opportunity to rid the city of this miscreant.

As the Magus finished his spell Mirandos could tell something was wrong. She felt a presence enter her mind, at first she suspected some kind of charm or domination affect but that quickly passed. The Presence was friendly, even comforting. She felt as if she had been reunited with a lost friend and the closeness of this bond would last the rest of her life. The look of terror on her nemesis’s face only enhanced her joy. As the hilt of her broadsword bottomed out in the wizard’s chest her gaze went immediately to the Imp. Staring back at her with the same passion a single tear running down his cheek. “I have answered your call” he said joyfully. “What are Helms’ plans for us, master”?

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