Friday, September 23, 2011

Tales of falling Stars (part 2)

Talanoa loved evening exercises in the arena. He often imagined large crowds cheering for blood; it always got his blood going and his warrior lust at a gallop. He would flex his tremendous muscles and spin his axe in wide arcs just hear the reactions. Talanoa was a dirty fighter and loved to cause unnecessary suffering to opponents unlucky enough to draw him in the arena. Whenever he can Talanoa hurls small ampules of a concentrated contact poison into the faces of his victims before he begins his dance of death. It burned their eyes and always panicked his opponents.

Halfway through his solitary dance, the sky lit up in a cascade of trailing lights causing him to stop and bear witness. He did not know how long he stared at the falling stars but when he collected himself he found himself lying flat on the ground not knowing how he ended up prone. He stood, gathered his weighted practice weapons and looked up in time to see an amber teardrop shaped gemstone fall into his grasp.

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