Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tales of falling Stars (part 3)

The ninja stalked closely behind the woman, taking great care- never leaving the shadows and always watching for vermin. Raga, for that was the ninja’s name, watched for rats, stray cats and even wild dogs that could potentially give away his position, that and he was deathly afraid of rabies. He heard none.

The woman approached the Spires of the Morning, paused for a brief word her god Lathander and continued to the Sea Ward heedless of the bustle of nightlife. Raga produced his black blow gun and carefully removed a poisonous dart from its air-tight and light proof case. She was getting closer to her destination he knew.

Turning a corner to close into range, the ninja was greeted with an explosion of rainbow colored lights seemingly from the moon. Thunder boomed, an impact struck the air and Raga saw his quarry hasten her progress in fear for… whatever was happening. Raga would not enter the lit street corridor now that the heavens seem to have exploded. Bringing the blow gun to bear the ninja captured the woman in is sight; took a breath… and held it. From the top of his vision, Raga noticed an amber teardrop shaped gemstone falling then slowing to rest in his field of vision. The woman was nowhere to be seen.

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