Friday, September 23, 2011

Tales of falling Stars (part 1)

Pallandra walked along the balcony of the tall spire; a cool evening ocean breeze tugged at her evening robes revealing a beautiful and athletic female shape. She looked down at the only ring she was allowed to wear and thought of her Church in Thay. How she longed to return to her sinister ways as Priestess of Set. Set was for her the power of darkness and keeper of evil arcana law

She parted her sensual lips and let out a sigh, how she hated all these affairs of the state. Then a flash in the night sky caused her to spin in defense, deadly blade at the ready. Above in the evening canopy Selune appeared to stop and the moon’s trailing ‘tears’ collided with each other. Brilliant bursts of color lit the realms, bathing it in light. Then the sky began to fall.

Pallandra kissed the ring of Set and put on her Necklace of Adaptation fearing poisonous air as tiny lights began to rain down trailing tails of smoke. The city became silent. She watched in wonder as an amber teardrop shaped gemstone fell from the sky into her outstretched hand.

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James said...

Set: Arcana, Air, Darkness, Evil, Hatred, Law, Scalykind (Dragon)