Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tale of Two Sins

Wrath: also known as ‘rage’, may be described as inordinate and uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger.

Pride: considered the original and most serious of the seven deadly sins... identified as a desire to be more important or attractive than others, the failing to acknowledge the good work of others, and excessive love of one’s self.

The Waterdhavian noble family of Tesper uses its walled city villa to host parties; even common folk and outlanders are welcome to attend. The Tespers have an almost insatiable hunger for live music and the willing company of strangers who enjoy wrestling and other body contact sports. They host one all-night gathering every tenday. Rousing ball games and impromptu wrestling tournaments abound, with not a few bumps and bruises to the participants.

It was just such an night when, what began as yet another rain storm in this summer of rainstorms, evolved into sudden violent thunderstorm. Gusts of wind drove the rain like darts into anyone caught unprepared. From the darkness ocean waves beat viciously at the lower shores. As midnight passed, a chant began rise from the night- discordant and disturbing in tone and disposition.

Thunder rocked Tespergates like a slam from a tidal wave. The attendees began to stir, some fled into the evening streets of Waterdeep while others crowded into inner rooms and lower chambers. Julius Tesper, Lord of Tespergates watched the storm with trepidation when Ian Jytman entered with dire news.

“There is a force attacking the western gate!” Ian exclaimed, his Staff of Thunder and Lightning at the ready. Ian was an aging mage who still had a lot of energy and drive.

“Do we know what they want? Do we know the extent of their forces?” Julius Tesper was a skilled warrior and self-appointed protector of Tespergates; he gathered his mail, combat gear and battle axe and readied himself for battle.

Outside the rain beat down on the deadly Talamius, the rain making little ‘ping’ sounds off his full plate armor. His steed stomped impatiently, as they watched the clerics with their tridents assault the villa. Talamius is an evil warrior who was known to join in most any battle for the sake of the fight. He enjoyed the slaughter and causing pain. He preferred to intimidate his opponents first; the fear in his opponents’ eyes gave him an otherworldly thrill. From behind his dark helm red glowing eyes surveyed the clerics as they droned on, chanting to their god Umberlee.

Inside, Julius and Ian watched as an aspect of Umberlee emerged great and terrible from the ocean below and onto the city streets, its form impossible to look at. From the avenues, clerics likewise gathered; united with their aspect to take the Tespergates.

“May the fortune of Tymora be with us.” Julius decreed.

As the battle was joined, Ian raised his staff and tried in vain to counter the aspect’s power. Julius began to focus his rage and his axe on the avatar; it seemed to not react.

Talamius let the battle simmer before entering, gaging the tempo of the combat; then gigged his mount and rushed after Julius who did not stand a chance against the evil that was Talamius. 

 Umberlee advanced on the villa to find Ian Jytman, who stood paralyzed under the gaze of the aspect. With its goal in reach, the aspect took Ian’s staff from his grasp and held it aloft. Ian could only watch as great peals of thunder, rain and hail renewed in strength; pounding wind and lightning swirled outward from Umberlee’s avatar as it took on a second aspect. 


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Damian and Bordane share this after speaking their hearts to the speaking daemon.

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