Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tales from the Trackless Sea: Shoonaryn

Alia al-Karim walked up the plank to the deck of the Sea Fist Company’s flag ship the Bronze Protector; following closely at Alia’s heels was her Water-Weird bond; a creature that resembled strange a water-viper. Docked further down the harbor were the Shining Sword and Golden Paladin; each were retired armada from Waterdeep and each were refurbished and ready for the open waters. Alia stood smiling; this venture would not be possible without the gold staked by some of the Waterdeep Nobility. They have her gratitude; the merchants paying her for her services would further ingratiate her in the ranks of Waterdeep Nobility. Her visions of escorting merchant’s fleets along the Sword Coast were coming to fruition, after an uncertain start she hesitated to admit, but she had just returned from hiring the last of the crew she would need for the Sword and Paladin; the sea was calling out eagerly now.

After signing all the documents relating to her imminent departure, Alia retired to her aft quarters. The private chamber had all the typical creature comforts; however, she thought not as comfortable as her lair. After slipping into something more comfortable, humanoid clothing was something she could not get used to; Shoonaryn Bräunen, for that was her real name, produced a magical bowl and looked upon its watery surface to see her true reflection. The bowl was very old, believed it dated back to the Shoon Empire; and it carried a powerful elemental magic. With the bowl she intended to pilot the Protector utilizing her command over the elementals within, they would even provide extra muscle if she needed them.

The Water-Weird snaked up her form and around her neck to rest in the rafters over its master, silent, and watching. When Alia spoke, her breath made ripples on the surface of the water; each word carried a powerful elemental command.

With the calling complete Alia looked up, “Soon my pet, we will be on our way to the Purple Rocks and you will kill the puppet King Selger.” With that knowledge the Weird flicked a trident-tipped tongue excitedly at Alia.

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