Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sister of the Cloak

I see now the god Mielikki that I knew, adored and worshiped is now gone. Mayhap her mortal avatar exists somewhere fighting to regain what was lost, but the lovely Lady of the Forest will never be the same again. Unless she is restored, so does Taruon for Tymora.

I’m sure there are others in my company that have more selfish ends in mind; though I see myself somewhere in between. Mayhap I will recreate Mielikki in my own image, increasing her power when the Time of Troubles ends and all is restored. Surely this will win me favor with the new Forest Queen and I would be her Chosen. It will be a matriarchy; I will make the Bladed-Cloak the favored weapon of the Forest Queen and bring the fey under her portfolio as well. The Sisters of the Cloak will range the wilds being the mediator between the barbarians and civilization; the wild and the tame.
Animal: someone needs to watch over the forest animals; magical creatures will be her children.
Arborea: the Spire of Thorns is where the Forest Queen will take her seat on the Olympian Glades.
Chaos: Embrace the call of the wild and fear it not.
Family: Akin to Nobilty, in the Sisterhood this represents procreation; maintaining a strong family linage; and firm family traditions of the faith to be passed down generations.
Moon: lovely moon, I should like to have it; it shall govern the forest’s cycle and all cycles. She will favor and be favored by all women.
Travel: for the rangers, barbarians, and nomads that live harmoniously with her mystical forests.
Zeal: her faith will be ever diligent against the misuse of a forest’s gifts or the abuse of a woman.

I will forever miss Eden, Wayne, Griffith and Chadwick as they have reached the clearing at the end of the path; although I grieve them no longer, their souls have thankfully passed on. I will shoot the sky with my arrows on the day of their death to celebrate their friendship, companionship and life.

As to our future, I must soon speak to Tauron about bringing in new members into our ka-tet. They must be from one of our seven families to be sure- Kym Tarm comes to mind as does Morgurn Maerklos unless the Cult of the Dragon has killed them as well.

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Russ said...

Selfish? Selfish,is it selfish to ensure the survival of your faith? Mayhap Mielikki does live, but what if she doesn't. Would you risk another taking her portfolio & warping it until the very semblance of the Supreme Ranger is gone? Or worse yet, the tribulations she endures in her mortal form forces her to alter her perceptions entirely. Completely changing her portfolio forever. Leaving you resenting her for her lack of faith. No my sister, make the dominion of the deep wilds your own. You have already identified the improvements you could make. Take up the mantle and become Mielikki, the way she should have been. For if you don't, someone else will.