Saturday, September 10, 2011

After a furious carnal bout, Azriel regarded Bordane who returned the look. He was younger than her, mayhap by a decade, but his stature excited her in many unexpected ways. She found it hard to say no to him, but that didn’t bother her there was something about him that brought out the animal inside her, much like someone else she knew.

“Tell me again how it will be in Waterdeep Bordane?” She often found the silence after sex awkward.

“Mayhap tell me about you; where do hail from? Speak to me of how you come to know the rapier?” Bordane knew he would learn all this in time, but for now this will keep her so he can rest.

“I’m from the Ice Lake region, north of Longsaddle. The cold windstorms that come south from the Spine of the World make life hard, but it is a beautiful land. The Ice Lakes were bountiful and provided for us allowing us to survive. The Ice Lakes had its dangers however; The Black Raven barbarian tribe is the most traditional and superstitious of any other Uthgardt tribe. They will attack wayward merchants for their goods and kill anyone they suspect as being a cleric, insisting that only gods and the spirits were meant to employ divine energy.

I remember a missionary priest would visit from time. Curing the sick, performing ceremonies, and providing spiritual guidance; people loved his kindness and his knack for arriving when he was needed most. He was special; not just because he too was a sword master, but because he was also a warebear. He showed me the rapier, how to wield it and how to embrace my animal side; the agile fury of the cat. It was treachery that killed him and robed me of my pursuits with the blade.

Tysiln San was a dark-fey, malevolent and vile. Her words were poison and her ways destructive. She exposed the missionary to the Black Raven tribe, who set their terrible Ravens and weapons upon the Ice Lakes killing defenders, destroying lives, and causing mayhem seeking out my cleric friend.

Last year I came to Uluvin and became Gragamel’s assistant until you came along and showed me a new way- you rescued me. Bordane are listening?”

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