Thursday, November 17, 2016

11/16/16 Virtues Session 67: The Last Battle of Barit Coinmail

We begin this weeks session just as the followers of the Heroes of Virtue ascend to the flying citadel. The flying tower, once it leveled out with the citadel, unfolded in geometric fashion whereby it also narrowed a bit in the direction of where the mythic Guardians at the Gate stood perplexed.  Garsaul, Barlie, Ainu Triskellion, Barit and Lapis, as well as a new comer; a ship mage by the name Emilio Banderas, led the other sky sailors, giants, and giant kin onto the citadel; each fought with bravery and ferocity in the face of such monstrous threats. With teamwork feats such as Out Flank, Paired Opportunists, and Precise Strike, the cohorts and followers won the battle, and disembarked just as the dragon of Lust appeared, but unfortunately lost a great dwarven hero.

Participants gained 1 mythic trial. 

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