Monday, October 3, 2016

The War Report

Concupiscentia,  known as the Consort Tentigo among the giants,  found it difficult to be around any creature that wasn’t overcome with desire for her therefore Duke Amduscias always made her uncomfortable.  Concupiscentia’s time in this world had released her skills of seduction from eons of misuse in her mother’s hellish domain, the respect of mortals a given either through desire or intimidation.  The Duke, a war general with over two dozen companies of Devils at his command, could not be tempted by her variations of danger, flesh, or  fantasy.  It had been many months since their last consultation and the daughter of Tiamat was experiencing a true rarity, someone that could speak contemptuously to her and live.  To Amduscias’ credit, the plan was almost entirely his and brilliant in its execution, however his contempt for her contributions to their partnership was troubling.
Duke Amduscias 

“So far our attacks have not revealed any of the Virtues, save one on the South Central Coast protecting Labiatar, your little gnome trick is working quite well actually” Duke Amduscias explained, never pausing for question or comment, “Our attacks have caught the leaders of the island unprepared and we have been spectacular in our successes, the Virtues will soon be forced to act. Gillespie informs me your little warlord ordered him to move against some of the crusaders who have entered the fight against us, I hope you have more warlords available because I have given Gillespie different orders..”
At this news Concupiscentia interrupted, “Couldn’t you send him some help? It’s the resources rather than the overall cost that troubles me, I’m sure some of your men would relish the chance to slay some idiot mortals in search of glory before attacking the one Dragon of Virtue we know of?”

Duke Amduscias grimaced but nodded before continuing with his report on the first stages of their war. 


James Caruso said...

Concupiscence (from Late Latin noun concupiscentia, from the Latin verb concupiscere, from con-, "with", here an intensifier, + cupi(d)-, "desiring" + -escere, a verb-forming suffix denoting beginning of a process or state) is an ardent, usually sensual, longing.

Great post

Gordzilla said...

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...and the first pic on the post is bad a$$!

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Note: There is a clue in enemy posts regarding your strengths vs. there weakness, a theme so to speak.