Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Followers Plan

Ainau Triskellion

Ainau Triskellion was sharing her meal and thoughts with Barit, “Listen, I need your support, you said yourself it’s a good plan, help me present it.” 
“Aye, it’s a good plan, that is with what we know, it’s a lot of responsibility too.  Have you ever lead any men…anyone to their death?” Barit asked, keeping his keen eye on the brash young woman.
“I would rather lead them to die than to cower before these skydogs!” she growled, “The Isles must answer their aggression.”
Barit smiled, grabbed some bread from Ainau’s plate responding, “Alright then, lets go try to convince them to infiltrate the flying citadel before we land.  I’m sure Dolgrin will love having something to argue about.” 
Barit Coinmail
One hour later Ainau presented her idea to the avatars

“It was when Barit said told me just how destructive and powerful you are when you have the element of surprise.   Strategically, if you can infiltrate the Citadel before we dock, we should be able to maximize your surprise.  Let us handle the attack forces with the Sky Captains while you take it to whatever leadership you can locate inside.” 
1.       You use your magics to work your way inside the citadel, gaining vital information
2.       Try to time your surprise strike with our docking with the citadel
3.       As our attack erupts outside, we should draw a number of enemies to us.
4.       Based upon whatever you find, you make the best use of your situation
5.       Sky Captains are the air authority
6.      Myself (Ainau), Barit and any other followers you designate have ground authority

“This assumes that you have a means of maintaining communications with us and that you can convince the Ring of Fire & Giants to follow our orders.” 

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