Monday, October 24, 2016

10/19/16 Virtues Session 63: The Battle Continues II

We begin the session moments before a couple of giant rogues, bolstered by outside rune-casters, came down from the west, outside minotaur roared in harmonic fury. Immediately Rydin moved to command the crystal to close all doors about the flying structure. The battle continued, Ring of Fire Cabal, working as a team, aided us as our characters fought and defeated the two giant rogues. Silence dominated the sealed violet crystal control chamber.

We learn that Exander Runethorn, a dwarf of the Ring of Fire, reached out to Dolgrin during the fight and offered aid- inspired by our heroics. Rydin offers his hand in friendship to Barlie, who confirms the work of Keltischer Sanger here and with the crystal. We gather valuables from our fallen enemies and are eventually introduced to the Ring of Fire members by Maradrell. They explain after our previous interactions, they could no longer ignore the rising tide of war and sought our our characters to find allies in the fight.

During our brief reprieve we decide to rest and recuperate. Dramen begins studying the crystal and learns one must attune himself to the crystal and after twenty-fours by expending mythic power and using the use magical device skill the user could control many aspects of the tower much like a mage's mansion. Concentration would be required as would multiple users (a minimum of two). The crystal is a product of Sanger's studies and is also a gate between this flying tower and the flying citadel we are gong to use to eventually transport us and Evening Isles flying ships to the Cloud Continent. Dramen believes it will take him three days to fix the crystal and then begin the process of controlling the tower. While the tower is broken, it is also cut off from the flying citadel.

A total of fifteen hours after the fight a lone 'male' figure walks down, fury in material form. In a female voice, "Interlopers, do you know I had to query my mother for a wish to reclaim what is mine?!"

We begin next session with the fight with a dragon-daughter of lust.

Unclaimed items: quarterstaff of vaulting (sheds light), pauldrons of the watchful lion, +1 armor/shield with a +1 ability, ring of jumping improved, +1 armor with a +1 ability, ring of the troglodyte, juggernaut pauldrons.

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