Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Guardians at the Gate

The docking ritual complete, it was a shock for the avatar's friends to discover that the field of entry into the Citadel grounds was narrow and despite appearing wide open could not simply be flown into. Had they attempted to fly the ships into the citadel the flying sloops would have needed to disembark several minutes earlier. Ainau Triskellion quickly gathered a team to secure the rest of their army's entry, knowing that their virtuous avatar leaders were already launching a surprise attack.  Staring across the narrow field of sponge like cloud the fated Ainau paused a moment in awe at the enemies that await her...

Mythic Jotund Troll 10 Headed

Greater Mythic ETTINCLOPS!


James Caruso said...

Barlie, "What the f..."

Tony said...

Barit grips his hammer "Hoo boy! "