Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Nissian's Problem

A millennia of planning and execution.  Few would ever appreciate the will and vision it took to bring Nissian to his current lofty deified status.  The Architect reveled in his new power, his rule now extending to all but a small portion of the earth, his new draconic form a permanent solution to his long sought after immortality.  Known to this world as Tiamat, Nissian’s rule was administered by the daughters of his new form, his half-dragon progeny/creations as well as five consorts spread out over five continents. 
A millennia of planning and execution, a sad irony that the only individuals who could appreciate the scope of his plan would be the ones most capable and assured of standing against him.  The Architect was actually surprised that the Sunbringer Cabal hadn’t yet intervened.  The slow moving machinations of Bahamut were protected in the one place on earth Nissian/Tiamat had yet to conquer, The Evening Isles.  Somehow the Sunbringers had succeeded in barring Tiamat and her progeny from the ocean sailing island nation, a magical ward that Nissian’s great powers had proven unable to overcome.

Ruling the court of Tiamat did have its privileges among which was the ability to call upon great minds for a solution.  The Architect wanted to overcome the Evening Isles conundrum before the Sunbringers should decide to actively intervene.  Nissian chuckled to himself considering just how angry his chaotic elven friend would be with him once he saw Nissian’s plan revealed in all its glory.

Realizing his need for diplomacy, Nissian/Tiamat called for Duke Amduscias. Duke Amduscias’ loyalty was secured when he along with several other dukes were freed from their toil in Hell to join Tiamat after she abdicated Avernus’s Throne to rule earth.  Tiamat’s orders to Duke Amduscias were simple, find someone that could overcome The Evening Isles’ protections and allow his draconic followers access to the island.  The reward offered was one that tempted even a former Duke of Hell.  “The individual who provides a solution to our problem may select any single treasure from my hoard.”   
Duke Amduscias

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