Tuesday, November 8, 2016

11/02/16 Virtues Session 65: Four Days Away

This week we catch up with our characters on Day 181 when we unite with the skyfleet from Kriet Oppenshire, albeit ten miles slightly off course. We inter the five flying ships into the flying tower where Dramen and Syrendross had changed to cliff-docks. We are four days out from the flying citadel.

We speak with the five new captains and quickly begin making plans after some study into the mechanics and magic behind the flying ships; breakthroughs by Keltischer Sanger.

Meeting with the Captains and first mates we learn these ships were grounded after the Sundering and the captains are doing the best they can with controlling the flying ships using two people and old world maps. A map that is purported to reveal the original location of the Evening Isles.

Syrendross barters with Captain Karvos on the Adventure Galley for the map in return for magical eyes, a magic weapon and a 'corrected' replacement map.

In the ‘magic room’ our characters investigate the device that operates the flying ships. The Sanger device allows for an individual to become one with the vessel allowing non-mythic individuals to operate the ship (like the suits the drow used to control the flying tower).

Each of our characters come up with various ways to control the flying ships; Kyras, using elemental air to control and to defend the ship; while Dolgrin, identifying Dwarven runes attempts to control the Delight, and Lapis explore other elemental options- Lapis leaving for further research into this. Dramen realizes there is a truename aspect to the ship’s control and later it was Kotri who discovered there is a way for literally anyone to control the ship. Positive/negative energy, ley line magic, even souls could be used; the spellcasters of the ships, unbeknownst to them were expending spell slots to get them this far in the flying ships.

In the following days Rydin and Syrendross work with the captains as well as continue to meet with the giants of the valley. Our characters are treated as Admirals among the fleet as the spellcasters of the five ships offer their services as liaisons between us and the skysailors in training and a vote is held to establish a chain of command.

Later, during meditations, Syrendross realizes when the dragon Concupi La Filia was killed her soul was sucked away as well as her intellect and memories. He breaks from his thoughts with knowing that dragon would become a dracolich.

Rydin, Kyras, and Syrendross meet with Garsaul and the half dragon about the upcoming battle. Garsaul expresses distrust towards the winged minotaurs “they cannot be trusted, only used”. Rydin gives him authority to do something about it, which unsettles the skysailors the next day. Kuir leaves a note behind and asks for help in leaving the flying tower (because he can’t).  

Our character’s followers each earn three teamwork feats during these four days of downtime as Dramen and Syrendross activated the return function of the flying tower as to not have to pilot the flying tower back to the flying citadel.

Four of the Captains, save for Captain Kayla Spriggs (feminist at large), allow themselves to be truenamed and made one with their flying ship (also giving the truenamers control as well).

Drills of off loading of giants and sailors are performed and target practice places cannon range at 1,000 yards and does 100 points of damage as walls of stone are erected only to be demolished into throwing rocks for the giants.

In the final days we find ourselves over a great battlefield over Tier Ne Somenhiem; giants set upon by elves. Kyras hides our passage with an elemental during our last leg of travel.

We pick up next game session with the flying citadel in our sight.

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