Thursday, September 1, 2016

08/31/16 Virtues Session 57: This Isn’t The Office

Gnome Gunslingers
We begin this week’s session catching up with our characters (Still late in the day 166) fighting off waves of ogres, winged minotaur, and other vile agents of the gnome warlord and conquering giant king. Our characters were able to save a hand full of academy professors and students ready to risk everything in defense of the vault under the Sun Dial. In relatively short time our characters were successful as Benevolentia crested a ridge turning the tide of the battle for Labiatar’s Hope. The dragon of virtue acknowledges us and bid us to meet her at Ashlye’s grove nearby to palaver. 

After gathering Kotri and Barit, who are both badly injured and out of resources; Nobyka was responsible for keeping them alive during the attack; no one has seen Gazalcia but Ashely was known to be okay. At the druid grove our characters find Ashley, tired and victorious over three ogres, she is happy to see Kyras.

Benevolentia congratulates us, thanks us and is eager to hear our unedited story up until these events. Afterword, she asserts that this attack on Naper’s Dawn is not an isolated attack and similar skirmishes are taking place around the Evening Isles and that the entire eastern coast will soon be at war. The dragons of Virtue believe this is Tiamat’s attempt to draw the dragons to her, leaving the protections of the Isles and leaving the people to unknown danger. What Benevolentia believes is that Tiamat knows nothing of us; while agents of Ash and Cinder know of our Virtuous nature, the agents of sin do not know our true Avatar nature, mythic status or what our character’s presence really portends for the Dragons of Sin.

She further explains that this is a way to gain a move on Tiamat by undertaking what Tiamat expects the dragons of Virtue to do, we go in their stead. Humilitas has a plan that takes us to the enemy flying citadel to take on the giants there; abscond with the citadel and use it to take us to the Cloud Continent where our characters will take the fight to the conquering giant king.

First however, we plan on returning to Bouvaldia and take Melandrach Olithir to Lockshire where surely the King will honor his bid for Duke once he, the King, learns of our character’s plan move in defense of the Isles. And once our characters gain the flying citadel and take it to the Cloud Continent, Benevolentia will make arrangements to meet with a cloud dragon to learn more of the Cloud Continent’s secrets; one, is that the Cloud Continent is much like the Ways in that once a power/entity comes to occupy an area, that real-estate takes on characteristics of the occupier. Also the Cloud Continent move like clouds do and does not remain stationary.

Rydin gifts Benevolentia with Denosia’s old longbow before announcing we will first retrieve Myrddin Og’s staff of power, find Gazalcia, pick up Melandrach before going before the King of the Isles taking approximately ten days before taking on the Flying Citadel. We gain 12,500 xp. 

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