Friday, November 11, 2016

11/09/16 Virtues Session 66: The Flying Citadel and The Consort of Lust

We begin this week’s session as the flying citadel reveals itself to our characters. The Citadel, while higher than previously seen, lacked the swarm like presence of the flying minotaur as well as the second flying tower which we know is somewhere above and or around Trusk.

Our characters finalized a plan that included the half-black dragon Kuir joining us, but when our characters used the magical crystal to transport us to the flying citadel, Kuir was left behind. Before that we agree to Ainau’s plan and time our arrival just before the ‘docking’ of the flying tower and the follower’s attack on the bridge.

Arriving in what seemed like a place of worship, our character’s find a wonder. Situated at the center of an open chamber where numerous automated humanoids (robots) toiled about the egg-shaped heartstone that was used to manipulate the flying citadel. Meanwhile, gnomes decided to get gone from the area when we arrive.

Syrendross decides to rise up and get the lay of the land to find a crystalline dragon coiled around the flying citadel’s hillock. Nearby storm giants roamed the terrain in blissful ignorance to our imminent attack.

After some brief exploration of our immediate surroundings, and realizing that the flying citadel is laid out exactly like the flying tower’s inner fortress, we eventually teleport inside to a hollowed out resting place to the consort of Lust. Battle ensued, we are awarded 30,000 xp, and when the dragon was defeated a dark rift opened swallowing the dragon leaving behind a magic Ring and a dragon bone the consistency of adamantine. "She's not going to like this." Indeed. 

Next week our followers battle the mythic ettin for the bridge. 

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